Friday, December 28

no words, no wisdom


Megsie's comment made me smile. Well, ALL of your comments make me smile-- it's just that one I had to sort of shake my head because if there is anything missing in this cupboard it's words and wisdom.

Isn't it funny how we envision our holidays-- as if somehow this time all of our wonderful intentions of more yoga, more writing, more mindful eating, more play were going to manifest?


It's my life. I am in charge, but somehow I just can't get onto the good red road of late.

What I did get was some deep rest-- so there's that-- pretty much the prerequisite for everything else. I also discovered the sweetest little French movie-- a cream puff of a romantic comedy, but ohhh, so perfect. (You know, if you like, chocolate, romantic comedies and French films). It's called Romantics Anonymous and you can watch it for free on Amazon instant videos if you have Prime.

Right now, Daisy is licking my ankle and Henry is standing giving me the stare. They want to go to the farm and seeing as it is a bright and sunny morning-- I should probably follow their prompting.

I should also bring my camera as the reason there are no photos here is I have been taking no photos-- but I haven't got the creative vibe going on. I need to do a big, deep clean on my desk--- finish two giant projects that have just been taking soooooo much longer than I anticipated that they would-- sort and organize the kitchen (I know, weird, right? but it's my annual 'thing' before heading into a new year).

And then? Everything will drop into place, right? Isn't that how it goes? You get all the external bits and bobs organized and then the internal hydraulics shift into smooth, perfect alignment.

Um, yeah. That's my carrot, anyway.

I do hope that your holidays were absolutely lovely and you are feeling energized and ready for the fresh slate of a new year-- more soonest--


bisous, e


  1. It is just a lovely movie! (You can watch it on Netflix instant, too). Happiest of new years to you. :)

  2. I love a French movie especially with chocolate and romance-- I will watch it soonish... I have not even looked at Unraveling 2012- I'm so behind on the focus required at the beginning of the year. But then again, as you say, it's my life, so when I re-focus is when it may happen. :) The farm and lolling around with doggies sounds lovely- I miss mine while I'm visiting family far away, but soon.... xoxo

  3. Now see, I am reading your lovely (lovely!) words, and there is wisdom all over the place. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on that one. I always come here for your beauty and your words and your light and yes, your wisdom. And, you NEVER disappoint. xo

  4. Oh yes...there is definitely wisdom on these pages. And I totally understand not being able to get on the road. I'm paralyzed by inertia. In my mind, I do all the things but in real life, not so many of them (okay, hardly any of them). 'Long about this time of year, I feel an almost overwhelming need to go on retreat--absent myself from the world and dive deep. But alas, that's not possible and I do the best I can.

    I wish you all the best for 2013. AmitiƩ~~T.

  5. I can so relate to the feeling of being a bit done! For me the christmas vibe really didn't get going this year, but I've been so, so grateful to spend time resting, restoring and just being with my family. It feels like a natural time of reflection and peace, a time to withdraw and contemplate rather than go, go, go.

    I hope January brings you peace and peacefulness.

  6. Just popping over, checking in, and sending a little gentleness your way. A hearty farm walk sounds so pleasing these days. I hope you get to go soon.


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