Tuesday, January 29

get silly!

What does it take to kick back and get your silly on?

I only ask because I think the world needs a whole lot more silly and, because people who look askance at me when I get silly-- well, I know we will never be friends because (despite my uber-philosophical ruminations about texture and quality of lint as it pertains to my bellybutton) my essential nature is that of a five-year old child-- well, a very silly five-year old child because let's be clear, some people come into the world all hyped up on serious, angsty stuff and it is part of them even when they are five.

Me? Not so much.

This past weekend I put work life on hold and spent some time with family and friends and it was so very good for the soul.  One of the misconceptions about working from home that some people have (who have never worked from home) is that you are always at home.  Ah, no.  You are always at work.  And as 'home' is my word for 2013 -- I have been focused on trying to separate the two.  In fact, this morning I am off to look at a possible office space for Squam to move it out of my overloaded guest room/studio/office.  This is a wild concept for me and only came into my consciousness three days ago when I was sitting with Tory in the Temple of Dendur (which, by the way, should you ever need the most perfect place for a first date-- I highly recommend it-- not that Tory and I were on a date, of course -- but we sat there for hours talking and it was such a cool space the thought did occur to me-- so there you go, NYC tip for the day!) when she floated that idea out to me.

Hey, Elizabeth, why don't you just move your office out of your home?

Doh.  and the thing is-- it had never occurred to me before.  I know, right?  Isn't it funny how our brains can get calcified around how.things.are. and you don't stop to see how things could be.

That's where the silly part comes in.  Getting silly, mixes up the energy, shifts things around-- flips everything on its head-- and the result is fresh air, new perspective-- bright ideas.  (well, all that plus aching abs from laughing too hard).

Sunday night I also got my entire body scrubbed in the bowels of Korea town in a room that looked like a scene out of Dexter but oh my word-- if there's anything better than starting the new year off with all the old sloughed off, literally -- I don't know what it is.  Everything feels clear and bright.

Maybe just the consequence of some time away from work?  Who knows-- but I am now on the hunt for a Korean scrub place in Providence---

Right now-- gotta dive back into the scene-- but then on Friday I hope to go up to NH and get my babies!!!  I miss those puppers.

sending big love to you all--

bisous, e

*photos of me by Tory Williams on her toy camera


  1. E--so funny how a big idea comes to mind that is really life changing and so sensible, yet you never thought of it before. These epiphanies amaze me....love them.

    ps. Korean scrub...new to me, but intriqued. xo-colleen

  2. you silly girl. i just adore you (and your puppers).. xo

  3. Oh fun!! Oh, getting things scrubbed of and having a refreshing sounds delightful!

    Yes, nothing like fresh ears to take a listen and see right to the core and offer a solution... Love it!


  4. Oooo, tell me more about this Koreatown scrub-a-dub, I could use one! Have already added the Temple of Dendur to my list of things to do when when I feel like there's nothing to do in the city! :)

    And so exciting to explore a new space to work in (and a way to reclaim your "home"!).

  5. It is so weird that we over look what those close to us can see. I love being able to be at home and do my work, but I still have to "go" to work, so there is that non-comparison. I am scattered all the way around right now, but it is so nice to come here and breathe in your fresh air and cleansed soul. Striving for that right now. xoxo

  6. Colleen -- the Korean scrub is similar to the "gommage" I got in Paris at a hammam. it is heavenly-- honestly--- you feel like a newborn babe-- but there is no modesty-- you are naked as a jaybird and every inch of your skin gets scrubbed! oh Francesca-- I adore you TOO and am loving on your portaits you are sharing and my heart just aches for your loss of your beloved pup. aches. Gerri!!! "see to the core" that is EXACTLY what is going on right now-- I am so going to blog about it one of these fine days-- oh J*, it is a great place to sit and talk-- big, open space with a massive rectangle of water and a full wall or windows out to the park-- and you throw a dollar into the bucket to enter the Met-- honestly a best-kept secret for sure and Megsie-- you are just a love bunny, but you know that!! xooxox, e

  7. I am excited for you to have your home to yourself- wonderful fresh idea!! I hope you can make it work as I can only imagine (well, as a former doctoral student w/out an office, I have a bit of an idea of how this feels) how it is to cram two spheres of life together. I've learned boundaries are good!! :) You look happy when silly!! xo

  8. thank you MAMA EARTH !! I feel happy when I am silly! xooxox, e

  9. oh, i love a good dose of silly...so glad you got some this past weekend!
    and hurrah for chats that open horizons likely already inside, but which need a little loving nudge to come forth.

  10. Love this, silly being my word for 2013 and all :)

  11. it is funny how hard it is to see things
    when you are so close to them...but when you back up a little,
    clarity can shine through.

    looking forward to seeing what you do with this idea,
    i'm sure it will be fantastic!

  12. Hi, Elizabeth...it's been a very long time since I've commented here, but I wanted to leave a comment in response to the post a ways back about 2 things: your knitting the cowl all the time. I'm sure you've heard of it, but Project Linus might be just the thing for you to look at: http://projectlinus.org/
    Also, thank you so much for the Brain Pickings blog. Sheesh! Excellent! And awesome!

  13. Hi, I read Soulemama and was sent here by your great idea for fairy glitter gel that you gave to the Soulemama children.
    Some of the folks that made it for Christmas said that the "recipe" that they made didn't quite set up as well as they thought it might or as well as yours and Amanda's looked in her picture. Might I get you to send me your actual "recipe". Oh thank you so much. I want to make this for my granddaughter. Nursepwa@aol.com. Penny


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e