Wednesday, January 9

sacred mornings

curve branch snow

Dreamy quiet time. My absolute favorite thing. For me, that is morning, early morning.  With time enough to light candles, put on gentle music, sit, read, daydream, write until it is light enough to go out for a walk. And then, to come back, dogs happily tired and snoozy, for another round of sitting, dreaming and writing.

big snowy trees
snowy tree river
snow mist

In all honesty, there hasn't been much of this favorite activity, of late.

In the small moments where I might have had a pocket of time to sink into some meditation, I had zero energy. No complaints, mind you. I am honored to my core that both the Spring 2013 (during pre-registration! hells bells) and Thea's online workshop sold out. But to imagine I can manage all that along with the other projects and programs calling for my attention and still carve out quiet time is simply not realistic.

And yet, we must.

I appreciated this article that highlights the value and the need for insisting on making the sweet downtime a priority. I like that he calls it 'sacred space' as I have always called that time my "sacred mornings.'

street light and snow

For me the key is not simply having the time carved out, it is also having the body (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) rested and energized so that I can BE in the sacred space. And what is causing me such ripples of happiness right now is that my energy is so good.

As someone who was born with the chemical make-up of manic-depressive tendencies-- my entire life's pursuit has been to experience a steady, effervescent buoyancy in my body, in my life. Sure, it was quixotic. I pursued it any way. We all need our windmills to chase -- but the great surprise of the breakthrough I shared with you all is that I am in it. I am IN it. Steady, gentle yet vibrant energy.

It is delicious.

Each morning I wake up and check, 'is it still there?', all through the day I keep checking in 'really? I can feel light, relaxed, energized?' My own personal Christmas miracle, I suppose. And even yesterday-- I had gotten very little sleep Monday night due to things that needed getting done with people all over the world who are not on my East Coast clock.  (I am a 8 - 10 hour sleeper. Less than 8 hours of sleep and I am no good to anyone).   So yesterday was a bit of a test for me on this whole 'new' energy thing.

et voila - I was tired, yes, but the vibration was still there -- and when I went to bed last night (normal time, hallelujah!) I dropped off and woke up clear, strong refreshed.  oh god, I know this has to be agony of boring to read about.  But I have to share what is thrilling to me and people, this is THRILLING to me.


I feel alive.    Just like she sings:

Sending you good good good energies for light and brightness in your day!

bisous, e


  1. i totally get this idea of needing a certain energy to be present in one's sacred space. when sustained, it is definitely thrilling. smiling big for you...

  2. I am so happy that you have found this mo-jo. HAPPY! Peace radiates from your words, and those photos...stunning. xoxo

  3. I spend 15 minutes with Deepak in the mornings now, sitting on the floor in my living room. This morning, I opened the outside door just a crack and, as my meditation finished, i opened my eyes to find a sliver of light on the floor coming through the gap in the door. Sacred morning indeed.

    I was talking to Nic this morning about how much more peaceful my mornings used to feel back before I started getting up and beginning my day by seeing what everyone else in internet-land was doing. This year will bring morning pages and sacred space back and leave facebook and the rest of the outside world until much later in the day (& maybe even the week).

    Your photographs are exquisite, as always. I breathe a little more deeply after seeing the world through your eyes. And just being IN it - pure bliss.


  4. thank you Michelle, Megsie and Leonie-- I love how we are all in the same vibe about the gift of getting quiet time into our morning. I love what you shared here--- it makes me feel so connected to you! xoox, e

  5. Creating a morning ritual is on my list this year as well, and I'm thankful to have a reason to do it. So, thanks for the article. I, too think mornings should be sacred.

    I am beyond THRILLED for you to still be carrying your energy despite little hickups in the road. I enjoy hearing about your small victories.

    And Walking on Sunshine has been my theme song for years. I like to crank it up loud and dance around my house like a maniac.

    1. me too = theme song and cranking and dancing!!! xooxxo, e


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