Sunday, January 13

so far so good Miss January . . .

tree twist

It was a misty day; no heavy jackets required.

The only downside is the mud on eight feet (mine don't count as Mr. Rogers has me well-trained to change into my slippers by the door).


Things that made this weekend extra fine:

:: google hangouts ::
I love me some chatting and knitting with friends.

:: hitting the hot food bar at Whole foods ::
sure makes Sunday night easy to put the groceries away and have a veggie bowl including spicy lime-chipotle grilled tofu to sit down with and no clean-up!

:: sleeping in ::
even though I still woke up at 6am--- I just crawled back in (this morning) or brought my coffee in with books, journals and pen (Saturday) and logged some excellent hours in bed. Yes.

:: receiving some beautiful emails ::
there are some serious loving souls in this world.

:: planning a trip south to seek my folks and then head into NYC for a birthday bash weekend at the end of the month ::

Speaking of cool, NYC things -- do you guys know this blog Brain Pickings? She also sends it out as a newsletter and I really like it-- it usually comes once a week-- Sundays, it seems-- and it's a curated list (mostly literary) of stuff she finds.


I'm also really digging on these sites:
la porte rouge
reading my tea leaves
miss sassy pants, herself

May your monday start off softly and wind sweetly into a most wonderful week!
bisous, e


  1. Love those berries in the first picture——I visit my little neighborhood bodega/flower shop every few weeks for a new supply to brighten up these wintry days in our apartment.

    And, love, love, love the idea of google+ knitting hangouts! I just need to find some friends that knit...or, convert my non-knitting friends :).

    What's on your needles these days and what have you got planned for your weekend in the city?


  2. oh J-- it is so funny you ask what is on my needles as the only thing that is ever on my needles is a cowl. I knit the same thing, over and over. It's rather pathetic-- I do have plans to knit my first ever sweater this winter but still have to go shopping for the yarn--- but mostly, I just like to knit and not have to think about it-- so I do the simplest thing imaginable--- it makes my knitter friends just shake their heads-- I am not adventuresome or in need of challenge when it comes to knitting, it seems-- are you on Ravelry? you will find LOADS of knitting friends there . . xoox,e

  3. I love your how your weekend evolved... and your response to FB... it always wants to know how I am too.. nosy thing. I used to only knit scarves and half blankets, one of which covers my table - the table is warm with it on. I will check Ravelry and I signed up for Brain Pickings-- thanks for sending goodness my way! xo

  4. Weird, how we travel in the same circle Porte rouge and tea leaves are two of my latest too...I find there's blogs I don't visit for a while, I return to them and then, bam, another whole world of them opens up...brain pickings I must check out though...always on the literary path!

  5. I will have to check on those links as well. Oh, your weekend sounds divine. My day started in a frenzy, it was the first day of the new semester. But once I was in class my day was much, much better! A sweet class, and a fresh start. Bliss.

  6. Thinking of you. Your blog always fills me with a sense of joy and magic. Hoping we can make good on getting together! xoxo!

  7. i am mad about that first photo. LOVE LOVE IT. My weekend was busy but now we have hoarfrost to make things gorgeous.


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