Monday, January 21

where'd she go?

nosing in

Although it may appear I fell down a rabbit hole, I am still here.

It's just that things are decidedly full in my life--- really full -- and I am happy for the fullness the way you might be toward the end of a wonderful party where the food was great, the music memorable, the people happy, the weather sweet-- and your shoes are off and your hips ache just a bit from hours of dancing and you definitely don't know where you left your glass so you collapse onto the sofa and watch people and you know you should readjust your position on the couch or you will get a crick in your neck but you just can't because you don't have the energy to move, at all.

Full, like that.


Today, the house is extremely quiet.

The dogs are up north with Ollie and Dave (and Henry's one true love, Sadie the cat*). I am alone in the office because my wonderful new assistant Kaitlyn has been felled with that awful, vicious, virulent flu that has struck down so many people all across the country-- damn, what is up with that mean thing? *please god I do not get it*

And, the skies are getting thick and white with snow clouds which also lends a certain hush to the early afternoon.   It's a lovely energy.  Soft, gentle, restorative.

Last week I received a Thai massage that rocked my world and seemed a good harbinger for the self-care I promised myself in 2013. Last week also saw me practicing yoga and participating at a (new to me) meditation center.   And, I know I say this ALL the time-- so please thump me if it doesn't come true this time-- but I believe a shift is underway and my work life is going to take a back seat to my personal life. It feels to me this is coming into being despite the busyness of the office of late.

We'll see -- this weekend is a start.

I'm putting up a 'gone fishin' sign at Squam on Weds afternoon and not coming back til Monday.  Of course, I am not looking to catch anything but some zzs, some laughs, some sweet conversation and some new sights.


More on the flip side -- bisous, e

*I know! Who would've thought Henry would fall in love? And, that when he did, that it would be with a cat? I stand ever chastened and amazed at the wonder of this world.


  1. Oh, how I wish you had a picture of Henry with his love! I also want a massage. Hmmm. Maybe at the end of the week? It may happen, because I am totally following your lead. Hope you have luck with your "fishing"!

  2. ditto Megsie......I wanna see Henry with Sadie..........really. And I'm totally following your lead on the 'take care of personal stuff as opposed to work stuff this year'.....going to the Texas Hill Country to get some head work done along with facials, etc..........XO to you!

  3. Henry and Sadie...what a nice sounding couple. :) Enjoy your time away from it all!! I've not had a Thai massage, but I'm feeling like another massage is on my list soon..:)

  4. I love the runes on the back of that bench. Does self (fully trained and qualified) massage count?!....
    The image of big tough Henry in love is just adorable....lucky Sadie.

  5. what a peaceful place to stay, now I can understand where your beauty and calm came from :)
    xoxo, Giusy


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