Friday, February 22

a rumor of spring . . .

Well, hey there!

Yes, I know --- it seems like I have been gone so long that the grass must surely be green by now.  Alas no.  Icy, crunchy snow is what covers the ground and apparently there is more in store for us this weekend.  

Wait, how is it that I always begin chatting by talking about the weather?  Could be worse, I might have started out by telling you all about ALL that has been rocketing around me of late, but that too would be standard issue posting.  In a word:  busy.  In a sentence:  so much good, so many fun, impromptu visitors, day trips, Squam developments, walks with the dogs, brand new office that is dreamy but means new schedules, new habits -- just. so. much. and absolutely no time to sit and reflect on any of it.  At all.

And, that is what I do here-- I am realizing now as I am, um . . sitting and reflecting . .  this little blog space is a place that allows me to take a breath, look around, see what is going on in my life.  It's an important exercise for me.  When I am pinned to the wall with to-dos that will not wait for a day or two there is no possibility of time to sit and reflect -- in that moment, I start to lose my center.

Another shift has been that I have come to rely on Instagram to capture moments in my day and that has somewhat (okay, entirely) usurped the role of my beloved Lumix.  So, if you want to follow along-- please do -- my name on Instagram is squamlove.

Word for the year is HOME  (and I have such a cool symbol that sits on my mantel now that holds the energy for me:  it is the Othala rune), but maybe this is why things have felt so upended for me of late?  As our requests to the universe get fulfilled, I suppose we have to be prepared for big shifts underfoot.  The office is now down the street -- my home has a new bed (<--!!  omg, the most heavenly bed) the back room will be for guests, but it has also been in happy transition as all my art supplies have been unearthed from the basement and a true studio for me has been resurrected.

I had a bit of a wild, goosebump-y moment Sunday night when I unzipped a giant portfolio and began pulling out sheafs of old life drawings and taping them to the walls-- the dates scribbled in the corners read:  March, April, May 2008.  

The Spring before I launched Squam . . .

Squam is now on its feet.  Toddling out into the world.  And with a few more bits and pieces falling into place, I will be grounded into my new life, too.  In January, I splurged and bought myself a true sofa.

I had not done anything like that since moving out of Soliden.  All my energies were in another direction which was to hunker down and make no commitments, take on no new objects.  But with the resonance of home echoing in my heart-- I looked around my living room -- sweet enough, to be sure -- but the couch I have is really more of a glorified porch bench and not something you would want to sink into.  (Let's just say antique wicker couches don't really encourage sprawling . . )

But sprawl, we will-- because the new sofa arrives tomorrow and I am thinking within the next ten days when I get on the other side of the last big Squam projects that will be wrapped up soon, I will be shifting into a whole new space that will allow for much with the sitting and reflecting.

And I want to share all of that with you . . .


bisous, e


  1. You're on instgram? Off to love you!!!

  2. Elizabeth...I feel your radiance through the screen. I can't wait to peek in on your reflecting and maybe vicariously sink in to the new couch? I have missed you as well! xo

  3. I heard something about Spring down here as well, but alas, we had another Friday off from school. What's a girl to do? I call our snow sneet because it's just that snow, ice and sleet- ickkk. I love that your life is busy with all you have manifested - beautiful news!! A new bed and a new sofa- nice!! Enjoy!!! xoxo

  4. "As our requests to the universe get fulfilled, I suppose we have to be prepared for big shifts underfoot."

    Reading that brought me great comfort today. :) Am in the midst of some big changes myself, all resulting from something majorly good, but the changes make me feel off-kilter sometimes... And then your words hit at the perfect moment. They reminded me that the off-kilterness isn't a sign of something "wrong;" it's actually a sign that something went really right!

    So glad to read that you're sinking into your home in new and comfy ways. Hope you'll post a pic of that awesome sofa you have coming!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e