Monday, February 11

for my mom


My mom loves pale pink.

She also loves following along on this blog and her birthday is Wednesday-- so, I thought I would wrestle myself to the keyboard and get some things posted.

The first thing I want to say to her is Happy Birthday (early!), but also a big THANK you for bringing me into the world (seeing as today is mine).  Yeah, thanks mom for being pregnant with me while wrangling a three-year old, four-year old and five-year old at the same time!  Boo-yah.  Not sure how you did that, but damn--- you are something special for sure.

Oh, and-- so sorry I chose to arrive in a blinding snowstorm so that you had to labor in a car for 2 hours as it inched the 3 miles to the hospital-- um, in the middle of the night.  Did I mention I think you are a hero? 

Ready for it? More. Pink. Flowers.


It seems crazy that I haven't been in here to keep you updated on my mundane happenings-- but things have been rolling at a clip and I am practicing going slowly which results in a much more calm and grounded me sitting on a grassy bank watching the river rush by-- so yeah, not so much with the updating of this online diary.

One of the biggest events lately was that I spontaneously decided to get an office for Squam. Less than a week after Tory put the idea in my head, we were standing in the new Squam HQ.

new office

Holy heck. What is this place that dropped out of the heavens?

Well, from the outside it looks like this:

new office3

I know, right?

It's an old mansion across from Brown University that used to be student apartments and now houses office space for entrepreneurs. Can you believe it? An office space especially created for entrepreneurs?

Who are these angels and where do they come from?

All I know is it feels amazing to be in it--- and I know that I am on the threshold of such new delicious adventures.
new office2

My apologies for all these not-so-great instagram shots but that's all I've got for now. I am so deep in reading and writing and living right now-- the camera has been sitting on its shelf sending me baleful glances.

This woman sums up where I am at right now.  I love what she wrote, "the more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them."  Ain't that the truth.

I am loving my life, mom.  Given all that you have gone through to help me on my journey, I thought you would want to know.  LOVING my life.  And so very (very!) grateful.  Thank you so much!

More soonest.

bisous, Beth


  1. You had me tearing up by the end of this post!

    Beautiful tribute to your mom and so nice to hear of all the lovely things happening for you (and hot damn that new office is GOR-geous!)!

    Happy Birthday, dear! May you keep on loving every single one of your decisions.

  2. I can only imagine the inspiration you will find while working in such a beautiful setting. Félicitations et joyeux anniversaire!

  3. Happy Birthday! I am so excited for you with this new step, and what a perfect place!

  4. Happy birthday to you both! What a lovely tribute to your mom... and to yourself.

  5. Happy Birthday ladies! Love the new Squam HQ! Way to go!

  6. Happy Birthday Hon!! It's my hubby's today too. He lights me up and you do too!! Happy birthday to your Momma... Wowsers she's a superhero!

    I'm loving your new space. It looks gorgeous. What a blessing and so timely too!!

    Much love. xxO

  7. Oh, that office! Happy Birthday to you and your Mom. Thank you for your inspiring ways..Diane

  8. Happy Birthday to you and your mom and congratulations on the new space. It looks so dreamy.

  9. Happy Birthday dear....

    I jut love that you are loving your life. There is nothing more beautiful than that.

    Congratulations on the new space. It is simply darling.

  10. dearest e, happy birthday to you...and an early happy birthday to your mother! if she's anything like you, she must be one amazing woman. love all your photos here {oh, the first one!}... but even the IG ones...espeically the IG snapped a moment quickly, held it in your heart, shared it. thank you, always, for sharing you.
    happy, happy day!

  11. Well happy birthday E. and early happy birthday to your lovely Mom.

    Nice HQ. Congrats.


  12. I also want to thank your mom. Wow. I am so glad you were born! The photos were beautiful, and that office space is perfect. PERFECT. I was missing you and re-reading your last post ever so often, so thanks for the update. I hope you have had a spectacular birthday today, you totally deserve it! xoxo

  13. Happiest of birthdays to you and your mom!!

    The new space looks incredible and so glad the new year is bringing good things your way. ;)

  14. happy birthday to you! and um, that office is kind of breathtaking.

  15. I hope you had a joy filled birthday, Elizabeth!! Wow--- your Mom's a superhero-- stair step kids and labor in a car with you? Holy cow!! Happy birthday to your Mom as well- we both like pink flowers. :)

    Love the new place for Squam- it rocks!!! Drooling a bit over it... And, it is fabulous news to hear how things are unraveling in your neck of the woods. Loving LIFE- yes!!! xo

  16. just so sweet. all of it! warmest wishes for the next year ahead to both you water fairies...xo

  17. I've lost interest.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e