Wednesday, March 6



Yesterday, I took the dogs to the beach.  Because it was a blue sky sunny day?  Because we hadn't been in months?  Because a bit of salty sea air does the soul so much good?

Um, no.  Because Daisy got spritzed by a skunk on Sunday (at 6 am <--!!) and I thought it could be an additional cleanse to throw her in the ocean.


Yeah, not so much.  Turns out, even if you have deep cleaned your dog and the groomers have done the holy grail of de-skunking treatment on your dog, the simple fact is the best litmus test to know if you have truly rid your dog of skunk smell is to get her wet at which point you will find out, nope.

It's still there.

What in gods name is the chemical compound in that liquid evil -- anyone?  Because that kind of staying power should be used for good, right?

The saddest thing is I am getting used to the random whiffs of skunk I get from my wrist or opening the car door (yes -- I had it cleaned.  no-- it is not free of eau de moufette).  Oh dear lord, I fear for houseguests, friends and neighbors---- and Meri is arriving tonight for a visit and I can only hope (for her sake) she has a really really bad head cold and can't breathe through her nose.  (You remember Meri, she is the one who had the i-phone that got us in and out of Rome and basically saved our lives-- yes, my total angel in Italy!! I am so psyched she put Providence on her itinerary for her jaunt across the states this month).

Do they even have skunks in Japan?

But, more from the beach-- off to the right the dogs romped and played.  Off to the left, I saw a speck in the distance.


Yep.  As I went closer-- there she was.  My sweet swan.

I felt like she was there to say good-bye.  The season of the swan is behind me now.  What new creatures will be ahead of me?  (and no, the answer is NOT skunk!  un grand merci)

And now, you must hear me when I thank you ALL for the comments on the last post and for those of you who took the time to write me such heartfelt, gorgeous, caring, nurturing emails-- god, you just cannot know how far your words traveled.  They traveled all the way to the heart of my soul and made me feel such love, such relief, such warmth.

Thank you.  Although it's true, as anonymous pointed out in the comments-- the journey never ends -- but it does change and I am ready for fun, laughter and  lightness.  And I welcome the grace of wisdom that shines so much light into our days.

And the stink of skunk.  The fact is-- even the stink of skunk cannot get me down.  It can't keep me from loving on my sweet girl.  It can't do anything but make me appreciate the lack of skunk more.


bisous, e

P.S.  moufette!!!  MOUFETTE.  that is the word for skunk in French.  Now you cannot tell me everything doesn't sound better in French . .. moufette!  that is downright adorable.


  1. Now how did I miss that vocab word throughout my years and years of study? I learn something new every day!

  2. Can't believe what a cute word the French have for skunk! (Maybe that's why Peppe Le Pew is French?) Although, I guess skunks are kinda cute, until they spritz you. The word for skunk is similar in Italian ("moffetta") but they also say "puzzola", which is incredibly funny since "puzza" means "smell". ;)

    And, I remember reading somewhere that the lycopene in tomato sauce counteracts eau de moffette. Maybe time to bathe Daisy in a little marinara?


  3. 'All the spare light in the world stored
    in the folded wings of a pair of sleeping swans.'

  4. Yay for Meri! can't wait to see her, too! Now off to check out my animal wisdom cards to see what skunk means! XO

  5. I'm sure you've already looked up skunk animal medicine, but just in case...
    Don't know if it's your medicine or Daisy's though! ^_^

  6. Yes Crissy!!! Patricia (Michelle Shopped) sent me to Skunk and Swan medicine cards and they blew my mind-- or, as I have taken to saying, they EXPANDED my mind! unbelievable!!!! wow, talk about a perspective.

    oxoxox, e

  7. Where did Daisy meet a SKUNK? Ick. But I did go to Crissy's link and read both the swan and the skunk and wow. That is crazy how well they fit your life! CRAZY. Lovely photos as always....xoxoxo

  8. a most certain cure: from my husband's exwife, so it has to work, right? make a mixture of peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish detergent ... it has to be Dawn. sploosh it all over the offending pooch and let it sit for a few minutes. rinse, repeat, and that should do the trick! I may have sent you the exact recipe a while ago....good luck! by the way - the skunk stuff is the same chemical that's in CapStun that stops crooks in their tracks.

  9. I knew people would be giving you the peroxide recipe...:) I've never used it, but have heard it really works. Willow, my sweet girl, got sprayed about a year ago and I had her dealt with over at Pet Smart. It's a tough smell to get rid of I tell ya.

    Love the swan and moufette- everything does sound better in French. Why don't we all speak French some more and go hahaha in a snooty laugh! ;D

  10. skunks and swans...whatever the animal, whatever the circumstance, you charm me.
    moufette? yes, kind of adorable-sounding :)

  11. years ago a fabulous black and white cat adopted us, and we had him for 15 years. we jokingly called him 'skunk' at first, never knowing that he was permanently ours. after that, the name just stuck. (hah!) two years ago we adopted another black and white cat from the humane society, and he reminded us of skunk so much that we named him moufette. i can only wish you luck with the scent on daisy, because our moufette is certainly a stinker and he's not going anywhere!
    xoxo janet


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