Monday, May 20

hey, Monet


Who knew? It's the season of the water lily around here.


It's also the season of butterflies-- not the pretty kind you can photograph, but the kind that make you forget to eat breakfast- yes, Squam season is upon me and damn, you'd think I would have this figured out by now. Kaitlyn is a flipping rock star and beyond supportive, but there's only so much she can do. The stuff I have to do always seems so daunting and I don't know why that is.

Is it all about attitude?


But I also think there's a big gap between plans and visions and the um, actual execution of said dreams. *sigh*


No doubt you're all bobbing about in the water thinking-- there she goes, right on schedule-- pre-Squam angst-- woman, quit your whining and bring us our rice krispie treats already.

I know, I hear you-- it helps to vent it a bit. And what'a a blog for if not to vent, n'est-ce pas?

Speaking of French-- I have totally failed to tell you about the trip to Paris! How is that possible?


It was honestly one of the best trips of my life.  Tara and I had never traveled together before so all bets were off whether it was gonna be a good fit or not-- and man, it was awesome.  Two days in and she was already planning a whole series of adventures and I was all, hey, be here now-- and let me say, we were there.

one of the most favorite instagram photos I've ever taken

Had a fabulous apartment that turned out to be just down the street from my one of my darling cousins* so got to see a good bit of her-- plus we walked our butts off -- ate dessert at every meal-- drank our fair share of some really great wine and even had a bit of wild outings replete with dancing and motorcycle rides around the city of lights--- tres Amelie.

In a word-- perfect.

Tara even did some re-enactments of how I used to get back into my room at night after they had locked the doors and I'd been out til the wee hours . .


Girl's got game-- that's for sure.


Mostly?  I laughed.  I haven't laughed so much, so hard in such a long time.  We'd be walking down the sidewalk and I would be doubled over.  Couldn't walk I was laughing so hard.  Turns out you can be friends for 26 years and still have stories to share that had never surfaced before.  And, best of all-- our friendship went to new levels of connection.  I think there's just no substitute for time.  Lots of time to hang out-- slow conversations-- she and I talk on the phone and text like most people do-- but it just isn't the same as full out days to really get a sense of what is going on with each of us, you know?  It was awesome.

Anyway-- the highlight was the Chagall exhibit.  It went straight into my bloodstream and I'm gonna be thinking about it all summer for sure.

The only thing that wasn't so great was the air.  Seriously, bad air.  It kind of killed any fantasy I had about living in Paris for a couple of years-- the pollution is pretty bad.  I had a tickly thing in the back of my throat the whole time I was there-- Tara got blasted with allergies (she never gets allergies) and people said it was that the trees were dropping more pollen than usual to combat the air pollution.  Whatever the case-- it felt great to get home and breathe good air. . . . I would still go back anytime for a visit-- but no way I'd live there.

Plus, the puppers?  Not such a great place for dogs, oddly.  You can't go on the grass-- the hell?


bisous, e

*total bummer!  She is getting married in September-- gorgeous family wedding in the south of France and I can't go because ..  wait for it, it is the exact weekend as September Squam . .. any other date and I would totally be there--  seriously-- what are the odds?  You will be proud to know I plied her and her beloved with wine and did my utmost to get them drunk enough to reschedule it . . but, helas--- I was not successful.


  1. Love this!!! You are beautiful and you mesh well in this city. It's so true, we've got to be present when we travel.

  2. Hi Jess!!! YOU are beautiful, woman! But thanks for seeing me- - yes, Paris is really one of my happy places-- I just feel so at home there. I really do. And Americans need more LONG holidays for sure. Sending you loads of love--- xoox, e

    1. Amen, forever and ever to better vacation times for Americans! ;)

  3. Three of my French colleagues have moved away from Paris solely due to the pollution. Sad that such a beautiful city hasn't found a way to combat the problem. Your trip, otherwise, looked and sounded divine! Tres bien, indeed :)

  4. oh these photos are so beautiful - so glad you laughed long and soaked up all the beauty xxx

  5. Amazing photos of what looks like a joy filled trip and a welcome coming home. :)

  6. hi Mama Earth!! yes-- finally sinking into this goddessy - gorgeous spring weather-- ahhh-- now if it could only calm my nerves . . LOVE seeing you here. xoox, e

  7. hey Lizardek and Sas--- yes yes and YES. xoox, e

  8. First of all the angst of SQUAM, I believe, is totally why it is such a great success. It is exactly, I imagine, the same angst as the first day of the semester. Those butterflies make things great. They are the quality control butterflies. They flutter around and make the senses pay attention. So embrace those fluttering butterflies, and then you can eat those rice krispy treats.

    Second of all...Paris? You were totally holding out on us! I love that you have a street named after you. You totally deserve that. And that picture of the vase with flowers is pure art. Frame-able. You should totally frame it! Blow it up into poster size!

    Third of all, time spent with people you love is time well spent. I miss long afternoons of conversation and just hanging out. There is little time for me to do that right now. will return.

    Fourth of all: xoxoxo!!

  9. Crap, that is me--->Megsie up there too. Sorry for the short cut that didn't work!

  10. oh Megsie!! how I do love you so. and LOVE your perspective on butterflies--- love. it is because I care deeply and pour myself into it-- but hadn't thought about it that way. THANK you--- and CONGRATS again on your TENURE!!! and new office-- I am so totally thrilled for you, girlfriend- xoox, e

  11. this is great, sounds like Paris was wonderful. and that photo of the flowers is so gorgeous.

  12. Hi Fiona!!!! it was--- so glad you like that photo too, I am super proud of it-- pure luck and timing-- sending you all best, e

  13. I was waiting to hear about your trip! Your Instagram photos were such a tease (and that photo of the jug of flowers—love jugs of flowers!—is right up there with my most favorite pic of Dame Daisy).

    So glad you had such a fab time: art exhibits, non-stop desserts, motorcycles and all (you know I'm a fan of rides on the back of foreign motorcycles ;) ).

    I'm sending this post to a good friend of mine whom I haven't seen in 2 years since we've just planned to spend the 4th of July together. Can't wait to walk through the woods in laughter with her, because you're absolutely right, techno-chats are no match to real life story making and sharing. XOXO.

  14. hi J-- oh YES-- it makes such a world of difference and it seems so obvious-- but for me, anyway, it is a rare thing to make that kind of time .. . I love knowing you and your friend are going to have that magic time together !! xoxox, e

  15. You should come to Western Mass this summer and experience this performance inspired by Chagall's Arabian Nights....we've gone previous years and it's always awesome and magical!

  16. ohh Gudrun!

    I totally will!! thank you for this-- xo, e


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