Friday, May 17

I'm thinking Jimi might've had some blue heron energy

daisy, plum island

A few weeks ago, I picked up a book that was in the sale bin at the Brown Bookstore:  Our World.  It's pretty much a love letter from Mary Oliver to her partner Molly Malone Cook who died in 2005.  The book is mostly photos by Molly with bits of essay and thoughts -- some poems -- by Mary.

There are all different bits that I liked, but I especially enjoyed the contrast between them -- Mary was all about the animals, the woods, the marsh-- when she would come in from her walk each morning Molly wanted news.  News of the town, of people, or as she wrote in her journal,

"What I mean is news of humans. 
Mary comes home with fox news, bird news,
and her loving friends the geese Merlin and Dreamer . .. 
they come running to her.  That is Mary's news."

Hmmm, is there a problem with this?  Surely you don't mind if I come running in here with my news of the animal spirit who has made his presence known?  It only took me like three (okay four) sightings with the last one where he flew right over my damn head this afternoon to say-- okay, dude I get it.  You are my spirit companion for the next leg of the journey.

Blue heron. 

Maybe I was ignoring him because his spirit speaks to me of solitude and oh my dear lord, have I not kept the solitude karma bowl full?  Why yes, as you all are witness --- I believe my solitude dues have their very own Swiss bank account.  So I looked it up a bit to see what other properties or teachings that skinny bird might have for me.

Here is just another take on why we feel the peacefulness of this beautiful blue icon. In the pagan or ancient Celtic faiths the Great Blue Heron was the embodiment of the Goddess Rhiannon. The Great Blue has been called what Rhiannon would be called, “The Lady of the Lake”.  The Lady of the Lake guides all those who are lost and provides for those that are in need but mostly the Lady of the Lake guards the shimmering, wonderful lakes so they will be here for our kids tomorrow.

There is a sense of security in the Heron energy. They have the ability to evolve and become more adept at their talents so they may always be taken care of. If one chooses to accept the Heron as a spirit animal they will learn to walk into the deep waters with no fear and they will stand on their own two feet keeping themselves balanced at all times. Self determination, self reliance and guidance are the trademarks of the ever popular “lady” of the lake and spiritual guardian of the nature lover’s soul, the Great Blue Heron. 

Well, hey now.  That's not so bad.  

But the one that really set me back on my heels and made me think, damn-- maybe there IS something to all this animal spirit mojo -- was the essay that focused on Blue Heron's gift of self-confidence.   

Great Blue Heron has an innate quiet dignity. A tall thin Bird, Great Blue Heron has much to teach people on how to move gracefully with purpose. Watch the Great Blue Heron to learn about self-confidence. (Animal Teachers)

Heron medicine is the power of knowing the self by discovering its gifts and forcing its challenges. It is the ability to accept all feeling and opinions without denying any emotion or thought. (Medicine Cards)

This is truly wild because if you asked me what I have been focused on these past few months it is exactly this.  

So, scuse me now while I kiss the sky!


 bisous, e


  1. Loved this, and loved that wolf-howl look on Daisy's face! :D arooo!

  2. oh Liz !!! when are we getting together again? are you in the US this summer?

    xoxo, e

  3. I am always blown away by the signs and the teachings that you have...always the perfect thing for the present. It gives me goosebumps!

    Daisy is looking so precious in those photos. Make sure to kiss her sweet head for me, and Henry's head as well.

    xoxo for you as well!

  4. oh Megsie--

    I miss you-- you ALWAYS (always always) love me up so good--- I bet you are in the crunch of things right now with end of the semester. sending you big love from Daisy, Henry and me, most especially! xoxo, e

  5. oh. my. god! "Lady of the Lake" ... are you kidding?!? i don't know if I'm more astounded that I saw that in you so so clearly when we had that conversion, or if this beautiful confirmation and it's perfection is just blowing my mind. i think both. and the island air is so lovely on Daisy! xo

  6. ha ha Mindy-- I KNOW, right? it is crazy pants. how totally funny and Daisy LOVED Plum Island. . me, tooo----- oxo, e


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