Monday, June 3



Oh you sweetest most wonderful love bunnies!

Damn, y'all are gonna make me have nervous breakdowns more often--- what a love fest just landed on my head in the last 48 hours.

So-- quick update because I feel that I came in here overwhelmed, stressed and all-around losing my shit and owe you an update-- The update would be--- holy hell. Maybe I should break down more often? (Um, note to self: NO. that was no fun at all) but-- wow-- the other side of swinging out off the hairy edge ---> sha-ZAM!. Magic.

In short order, a couple of phone calls, some legendary calvary rolling in and here I am at the lake . . . feeling the best I have ever felt pre-Squam.


Light, easy, fun-- things are dropping into place like Connect-4.

Oh, and heads up --there are going to be some epic photos coming out of here this week-- not from me, necessarily-- but the Art & Yarn bombing going on is off the charts--- not to give anything away, but THEY KNIT A CANOE COZY! okay, maybe I just gave it away . . .

Mostly?  you need to know how much I needed and appreciate your care and support.

arriving at the lake :: photo by Kaitlyn Bouchard


more soonest
bisous, e


  1. Ask and you shall receive! So glad to hear the calvary found you...I'm there helping in spirit and have been sending you "keep calm & radiate on" vibes. Have an amazing week! xox Kelly

  2. I love that last photo of you. Honey! Of course things are falling into place as they should. YOU have always coordinated your beautiful gatherings from a place of deep rooted love for people, for art, and for community. Elizabeth! Breathe deep. Stay present. Each moment counts - and I hope every single one is easy/breezy and gorgeous. See you on the flip!! xo

  3. love it. thanks for sharing, ever so much! The photo is perfect. Have a beautiful, peaceful time :)

  4. Wait. A canoe cozy? I can't remember the last time I knitted something. Sad. But I have never attempted a canoe cozy!

    So glad you are in a less stressful place, indeed a happy place. Sending love to you and to all of SQUAM. xoxo

  5. Know that I'm sending you ease, calm and grace to usher you through all of this- this beautiful life you've created- and know you are loved! Soak it all in- it looks divine up there!! xoxo

  6. Sweet relief... So, happy your feeling!
    I love me some Connect-4!


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