Friday, June 7


 pictured above is a heart woven by HARRIET GOODALL

Hello hello-- just dashing in.  Little time and less internet but lucky you -- you know, in the unlikely event you are missing me . . . Sas just did the sweetest interview with me "soundtrack to your life."

Squam report:  People seem to be having SUCH a good time.  woot.

Me? I am having the best experience ever.  EVER.  ever ever.  So full of love and light-- the people here are knocking my socks off and the simple truth is, everything feels so good.

feels. so. good.


Sending love love love,

more soonest.

bisous, e


  1. Sending love, love, love right back at you! SQUAM always is awesome! xoxox

  2. oh, yes, sending love right back! enjoy!!!

  3. It's been so fun to see squam pics popping up on Instagram, that gorgeous heart is so evocative, have felt all the great vibes


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