Tuesday, November 26

both sides now

This side is even betterIt's always a special day when I find a heart
front & back

It was tough getting out of bed this morning.  Yesterday, I had been here in the office* all day with a quick dash home for dinner and then here again until late last night.

At first, I thought that was why I woke with a skull rocking headache. Ah no, that was not the cause.  Nor was the source a deficiency of coffee or water.  Nope.

As I came in from giving the dogs a big, wild outing up and down the hills of the farm you can see in the video (although rest assured, this morning it looked nothing like that blue sky summer day--- nay, it is veritably Puritan in its palette of grays, whites and black) and I was walking up the three flights of stairs to this, my beloved office space, I knew in a flash what was going on.

It was a BIG storm headache.**

I am not someone who gets headaches (sending blessings to the sky as I type that) EXCEPT for one very particular time:  when a really big storm is approaching.  And by really big -- I mean evacuation of the beach, people are taping their windows and the grocery store shelves are emptied of soup cans.

Alas, knowing the cause has not in any way alleviated the pain or pressure that makes me want to stick my head into a vat of ice water ---- yet another example of knowledge as booby prize -- but it does help to plan for the storm. 

In other happier, less head-pounding updates, on our midday outing down by the river I found the heart stone above.

And you know what I am going to remember most about this day? 

The dark, heavy, low-pressure clouds pressing on my temples like a vice? 

Um, no.  The moment the pain is gone-- so will the memory of it.  What I will remember is where I was when I found this stone and how it made me feel:  happy.

bisous, e

*yes, again I am breaking my cardinal rule of never blogging from the office -- oh well . . NaBLAH BLOMe will not be denied . ..

**YES.  some people have televisions and radios and learn all about things like WEATHER happenings -- and then some people, especially people with time and geography challenges, prefer to live by the stars, the moon and their sensitive constitutions to know what kind of clothes to wear on any given day.


  1. They tell of storms on Television? Huh. I hope this storm you are predicting is not dangerous, and that you stay SAFE and WARM. I am not a fan of bad weather. So I will be worrying about you three from afar.

    *and I love the rock!*

  2. The stone is beautiful. I'm sorry about your headache and hope it eases soon. And that that storm passes soon. The rain and wind finally arrived in Virginia and I'm sorry it's rain and not snow. Snuggle with pups and stay warm and dry. xoxo~~t.

  3. I can remember being a little girl and my grandma used to complain that her arthritis was acting up and she'd say "oh, if it would just RAIN!". I never understood her reasoning back then, but I sure do understand it now! Glad you're feeling better.

  4. You know, I always thought people who experienced physical symptoms related to impending weather were just making it up, but as I've got older myself ... Gah. My knees. I hope your boulder-splitting headache has vamoosed by now!

  5. I hope it's an actual storm and not an emotional one! Ride it out, babe, ride it out!

    1. oh gosh-- totally a planetary storm---- the emotional (thank god *crossing fingers*) hurricanes are a thing of the past . .. xoox


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