Sunday, November 17

delta brain*

sunrise at the river this morning

Once upon a time, Sundays were not a happy day.  Somehow, Sunday -- through no fault of its own, by sheer happenstance of sharing a time border with Monday (and by Monday, you must understand I mean to imply the LOOMINGness** of Monday) -- was never appreciated for its full magic.

That, I am ever grateful to say, is long long in the past. 

In fact, Sundays probably top the chart for me in terms of a favorite day -- were I the type to play favorites, which I am totally not *pinky swear* -- I think it's better I simply say that Sunday and I are very well suited, very well matched.

Mondays are great if, you know, you like busy and active email boxes.

Tuesdays are sweet, sort of like that 10am stretch when you go back to pour a second coffee and it's still hot.

Wednesdays are good because the muscles are warm, you are on pace, peeling off layers and loving the run.

Thursdays are hitting the view spot.  You can see the weekend, you can taste that Happy Hour margarita and hear the crowd laughing.

Friday.  Please, what's not to love?

Saturday is a contender, for sure -- but it mirrors Monday in a different way for me.  Rich and filled with good things--but it's also kind of a "stuff that has to get done day" cleaning, laundry, dog, car wash, errands, etc.

But then?  There's Sunday.


Sunday has no plans.  Sunday doesn't wear a watch.  Sunday drifts and sits and has hours to read, to cook, to walk, to loll about.

Yeah, okay.  I totally lied.  Sunday, you're my favorite.

the current journal cover

bisous, e

* delta brain 

**totally a real word


  1. Yes! The LOOMINGness of Monday. It is so totally a real word. And sadly, it looms, even as I type. Your descriptions of the days of the week are perfect!

    1. hee hee I love making up words-- so glad you like them, too. and CONGRATS on your big marathon run Saturday!! am so impressed! xoox

  2. Oh, how I long to have a creative brain! This post was delicious. And having a photo of your newly christened journal cover was the cherry on top! So wonderful. I am heading to bed (early!) because I totally cut corners on my paper tonight. It is Sarah's fault really. She corrupts me.

    Wishing you an inbox full of good emails tomorrow! xo

    1. you DO have a creative brain, you goose-- we ALL have one!!! xoxo, e

  3. Rare bird, like drowsy fabulist = a spot on moniker for you :).

    I have been slowly, slowly making Sunday into the kind of day I want it to be, much like your trumpet-heralding Sunday above. Haven't quite reached it, but it's there just beyond my grasp. I blame R's work schedule, as we don't share weekends, so that blissful lollying about a deux hasn't quite come to pass, but I try to make up for it with special Sunday dinners and getting all my to-do's done on Saturday. Off to face my Monday now. XXoo!

    1. it's a wonderful goal for sure-- and I promise not ALL my Sundays are so easily fulfilled---- sometimes schedules change and conflicts come up-- but it is always the goal .. . xoox, e

  4. I've always been partials to Thursdays. And the magic time period between Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon: FAVORITE


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