Saturday, November 16

first layers

So many thanks to @soulrootingjoyrising and all the beautiful sprits who gathered last night chez @hannahmarcotti the most magical and inspiring space !!

This is a piece I began last night at the mixed media gathering taught by Cassia Cogger.  It was a great group of women and I feel so grateful to have been invited.  The class was held at The Loft which is the magical spirit space created by  Hannah Marcotti and right down the street from me. 

In fact, it's where I am headed in a minute because it's located in the same old mill buildings complex where the Farmers Market is held during the winter months. 
The farmers market that has just doubled its size. 
The farmer's market that makes me weep with happiness.

Yes.  This is my life.

Proceed to hate with impunity.  (You may also poke me with oyster forks).  I understand. I do.

But you know what?  Nothing comes from nothing* as I emphasized with Ruth when she shared how her current (very happy, very satisfying) life had come into being.  Yes, you may get a call.  Yes, you may get a vision, but you gotta actually do the work to bring it into being. 

You have to take risks when you change your life and who in hell likes taking risks?



Nobody just shows up in a richly rewarding life.  They created it.  They cultivated it.  It is the result of their vision and choices.  You can be sure, that anyone who has a "great life" had to face a fair amount of courageous first steps, painful false steps, bumps, stumbles and tooth-shattering faceplants along the way before they woke up and said, "holy shit, I love my life.  How did this happen?"

It happens because you take actual steps toward it.  As we talked about this, another woman in the circle last night shared a fabulous Japanese word for this movement:  kaizen

Kaizen says, it doesn't actually matter how tiny each movement is--  small steps can lead to great big changes.  Of course, here in New England we might be a little less poetic and say "drops in the bucket add up," but then we are the cold pragmatists, no?

Right now?  I gotta fly.  To the farmers market then to Cambridge, then to Brookline, then home again home again.  Jiggity jig jig.

Have a most marvelous Saturday!

biosus, e

*cue Julie Andrews . . .


  1. Elizabeth, I am going to do something without asking your permission but I promise I am giving you credit. I am going to use that paragraph about nobody shows up in a richly rewarding life, as my status on Facebook. I LOVE that paragraph and it is so perfect for where I am right now in my life. Thank you for this and for giving me the encouragement to try and go after the life I want and envision for myself. I have the family and the husband I have always wanted, but I need to find the "me" that I have always wanted for myself. Seems like recently, all of your posts have been speaking directly to my heart and my brain and for once the two are on the same page. Hope your Saturday is beautiful and amazing.

    1. oh Debbie, I couldn't possibly be more honored! I am so glad something I wrote has been helpful for you-- and I will love following along as you step into your fullest self and live the life you most want to live! xoox, e

  2. First: That Wow. And? THOSE WORDS! They are precisely what I need to hear over and over again. It is funny, there is some tension between letting your life unfold, and working hard to get to where you want to be. I tend to (a-hem) be a bit, (a-hem) how shall I word this....controlling? No. Rigid? Um. Well, a bit of both. I think I can write my own ticket sometimes. Not that you can't, but sometimes the best destination is someplace you haven't considered. And if you (or, um...I) don't stop to listen and let things unfold a little bit, you miss it altogether. My job that I LOVE (and struggle with constantly) is a job I would have NEVER thought I would have. But it is what fell into my lap, and I let it. And that...THAT is when the hard work started. I am so excited about that new word: Kaizen. I love that it has zen right there in the word. It makes me smile!

    1. darling girl (who continues to be SO hard on herself!!!) please reframe "controlling / rigid"--- you are passionate, you have an attention to detail, and you invest yourself deeply in your work and family. these are WONDERFUL qualities . .. AND, you can also add in new approaches where you practice letting things fall, letting things break, letting things not get done-- as an experiment-- and watch what happens.

      yes, the zen in Kaizen is pretty cool .. .

  3. From your words to MY EARS. You consistently say things I need to hear (and obviously others, as well).

    1. really? that surprises me so much!!! but I am HAPPY to know-- cause I can hear you laughing from here-- you have the best laugh! xoxo, e

  4. Thank you! You never fail to stir up just enough breeze to help out wings catch air!

    ~ sherry

    1. ohhhhh ! that made me SMILE big time!!! xoox

    2. uhh. . . do you see that typo? I see it now, a little late, but I think you know what I meant. That's the type of thing that bursts my balloon, little things that allow the negative noise to cloud my day. But today I will not claim it!

    3. girl I LOVE that typo!! love love love it--- give me the cracks and flaws and peeling paint--- I will take it ANY day over perfect from Target or wherever . . . YOU = exactly right!!


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