Wednesday, November 27

I think there's a name for that

Yeah right like they would let me stay inside all day! Third pair of wet socks, but who's counting? 
 at the river this afternoon

I know it seems like I have a fixation on sunshine (and I do), but I am not immune to the charms of a rainy day, particularly if the temperature is quite tropical.

Today has been like that-- so warm!  (No idea what the actual temp was --- but very soft and mild).  And?  Wet.  So very much with the wet and the rain, the puddles and the splashing, the three changes of socks before it even got dark-- and oh, it got dark so early-- and then more with the soaked jeans, the soggy towels from attempts at drying drenched doggy bodies.

For a day?  Incessant rain has a certain charm due to its novelty. 
As a lifestyle?  OMG.  People of Portland OR who own dogs -- what do you do? 

Have you had them laminated? 
Treated with water repellant?
Replaced their coats with astro-turf?

Snuggy and warm inside now. Not going out in that again. Sending big love and safe travels to all who have to journey through it.

I know I went a wee bit overboard yesterday with my propensity for gratitude-- but it just won't stop.  Today?  I am SO FREAKING grateful that I am not traveling.  Being here -- both Kaitlyn and I working from home today -- no need to struggle with airports, taxis, delays, frustrated people with too much luggage.

Speaking of Portland, a few weeks back I was entertaining an invitation to go out there for Thanksgiving weekend and then decided probably would be too much . . um, Elizabeth, you think???<--!

I know, I know-- my unique sense of time (read: that would be none) and my enthusiasm for the idea of travel (versus my actual aversion to travel) can often get me into difficult situations.  Case in point:  all the travel I have to do for the entirety this four-day weekend is tomorrow, drive a mere 45 minutes north to Boston and then back again and I am sitting here going ..  . ohhhh, don't want to

I just want to stay home and putter.

Lord.  I swear sometimes when I am walking by a mirror I check to make sure I have not transformed into a ornery old bachelor.

Whatever you are doing today, tonight, tomorrow and through the weekend -- may it be lovely and free from ornery, time-challenged creatures of habit.

bisous, e


  1. A laminated dog! Awesome!

    I love a rainy day myself, as long as I don't have to go out into the rain and get...wet and stuff. But rain at bedtime with the drops on the roof and a little lightning to watch with very rumble-y and NOT so bang-y thunder. Oh. Yes. That is another blessing. I also like a snowy day with the big, fat snowflakes falling in slow motion, twirling all the way down. Ahh. Especially when you can watch them fall from under a warm blanket with a fire in the fireplace and a good book on your lap.

    *Snaps out of it* I need to go cook and clean now. How can I make that romantic? Um. I love it when I can peel a sweet potato and the bright orange flesh reveals itself behind the drab brown skin... I better go undress the sweet potatoes!

    Another thing I am thankful for is YOU! Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth! Sending you BIG LOVE! xoxox

    1. SENDING you big big big love darling Megsie----- stay warm, may the day be bright!!! xoxo, e

  2. Ah a neighbor to us in Boston. If it helps with your drive it is beautiful here today too! I have started reading our blog and appreciate all the trusts (and love of dogs) that you share.

    1. Hi Sanibel ~ I'm so glad you are here and liking what I am sharing--- it's a dog dog dog channel, for sure! :)

  3. Hee! I love the image of a laminated dog. Wait until you hear what our loaner dog did! I will blog about it later because I have to take a photo to accompany it and I just haven't had time :D Happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth! I am so thankful for YOU. :)

    1. oh gosh-- I have to hear-- although I am a bit nervous .. is everyone okay? trips to the ER were not part of the fun, I hope . . . and I am EVER EVER EVER grateful that the internet brought us together!! xo,e


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