Friday, November 15

oh wait, I still have to show up tomorrow, don't I?

Running around town

You would not believe some of the beautiful emails I have received this week.  Seriously.

I would share them but it would be most unseemly.

And lord knows, I am all about the SEEMLY, people . .  case in point, photographic evidence: the yoga pants in my hand above.  Yes.  Despite the many, yea verily dozens, of canvas tote bags hanging in various closets around my apartment . . I am walking around town with my yoga pants in. my. hand. 

Let it be said, you read this blog at your own risk.

The sad truth is, I had so many things I was gonna tell you about, but now?  Gotta fly.  Let me just sum it up in three words "this amazing day!"

Part the first:  Daisy gently nudged me from sleep to wakefulness (oh wait, you already know that bit)
Part the second: we had the sweetest walk (damn, kinda same bat channel on that, too)
Part the third:  I had a Skype call with Sas.

There we go!  Something new and different for you.

Sas!  People, I love this woman.

You know I love Susannah for many (many!) reasons, not least of which is she introduced me to Sas!  And so ..  . while the sunshine poured in all around us,  I got to have coffee and chat with one of UK's brainiest brainiacs who also has one of the most compassionate hearts beating on this planet.  (have no fear we got too serious or anything  .. she is also some raucous fun, Kiwi that she is) and then . .
Part the fourth:  Daisy went off on her adventure with her mates. 
Part the fifth:  I got bucket loads of work done, yet found time to race over to the RISD store and collect a couple brand new blank journals!

Woot.  Brand new journal about to begin.  Whatever shall the cover look like, do you think?

And now? 
Part the sixth:  Tonight---  a gathering of mixed media fun. 

Part the seventh:   Time to take the girl for a walk before the dark sky drops.


Have a splendid weekend! 

bisous, e


  1. Twilight zone music... E, we're on the same journal wavelength, I just started a new one today too. And the one I finished is the one I started at my first Squam - it was so strange to close the covers of that one.

    I'm loving this thing where you blog every day, but I hope it's not driving you nuts to do it. It's abso lovely to read.

    1. oh it doesn't drive me nuts--- I feel silly, is pretty much all since I come with such drivel-- but hey! it will all make sense in the end if it doesn't make sense in the end, then that isn't the end, right?

      LOVE that your journal began with your first Squam .. ohhh honey!! and now? NOW? A brand new chapter begins!!!! woot woot woot--xoox, e

    2. Not drivel at all! Your writing's lovely to read no matter the topic.

  2. An excellent day! Mixed media tonight? Can't wait to see what you come away are such a beautiful artist. I am still in the middle of being productive. Still have two things to cross off my list. Not sure if they BOTH will get done, but alas, they MUST. NO CHOICE. I am trying to type so fast that I keep making typos so I am signing off...until tomorrow!

    1. you ARE productive !! now go get some more of that birthday champagne already, girlfriend!!

      and thank you for loving on my art-- I am just showing up at this thing-- not sure we are painting but will definitely share if I have something at the end of it .. . that isn't wine stained .. ah hah

  3. your blog posts bring me home. tu.


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