Thursday, November 28


What is that old Mark Twain adage again? Oh right, if you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.

May it please the court, I submit the photo below as proof. pudding. lalalawyertalk.

Sometimes when the sun pours in like this, like so much star shine, I look around for the Christ child. Seriously. If the drummer boy showed up on my porch I'd be like dude, he's not here but I understand your confusion, 
same window as yesterday

All of which to say -- SKOOKUM! -- today there was indeed much to be thankful for.

1.   We got up at 5:30 and went straight to the streets without so much as a coffee.  The river was still a wash of dark indigo when we reached it, no sunrise on the water for us-- we were nearly home when the light began hitting the rooftops and sidewalks.

2.  Out of the blue I got an email announcing a 9:30 - 11 am yoga class with one of the most popular teachers in Providence.  I got there and it was amazing.  Am thinking this yoga every day in December is gonna be a BIG life changer for me, folks. 

3.  Packed up the dog stuff, gifties, celery, radishes, olives, five kinds of cheeses, four kinds of crackers and a fabulous dry salami made locally that I got at the farmers market and headed north.  (Yes, I was on appetizer detail, obvs).

4.  Tara happens to live right next to the Arnold Arboreteum so we took the dogs for a giant hour + walk in the full out sunshine.  Heaven.

5.  Most amazing Thanksgiving.  I would have taken photos but my camera was upstairs and sometimes, it's better to simply be than observe.  But oh, so so so gorgeous.  Tara and her husband are super foodies plus a friend of her husband's who is a chef was there too-- so it was kind of insane (you know, if you are into food).  Baked Wellfleet oysters with creamed leeks and bacon  ..  and that was just to start.  They had smoked the turkey in the back yard, the squash had a hit of maple and cayenne -- the brussel sprouts were grilled, the stuffing was wild mushroom and oh, yeah -- there was some great wine.

6.  Crazy dog stories post-dinner/pre-dessert in the living room had us all in tears of laughter.  Her mom and dad had us howling.  Of course, I might have been a wee bit traumatized by some of the tales-- but that was part of what made them laugh harder. 

7.  One scary moment was when I went to check on Daisy and Ollie (who were hanging in the guest room) to pick up the bones I had given them-- figuring they'd had enough time to get all the meat off them but didn't want to leave the bones there-- except I couldn't find them!  Eeeeep.

What?  I can't even think about it -- I looked under the bed, under the rug, in the closet--- not so much as a bit of gristle did I find.  Very disturbing . .. gotta pray everything's gonna move through their system okay--- I don't often give them bones but wanted to keep them occupied while we ate . . .

And now-- we are home.  Only TWO days left and I am done with BLOwMeNANow.

Sorry for such a truly boring post-- gotta blame it on the tryptophan!

Oh, and I think I told you?  I signed up for Susannah's Photo Mediations (it is awesome, btw) and this week is all about the self-portrait -- 

bisous, e

* Post-Tryptophan Fatigue


  1. Sounds like a blissful day. Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth. xo

  2. BlowMeNaNow...hahaha! You're a champ with true sticktoitiveness! :D

  3. Also, at least YOU didn't resort to a meme on your second to last day!

    1. whatever it takes, honey--- we can stumble across the finish line together . . . xo


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