Sunday, November 3

simple things


One thing I know for sure about this whole 'posting 30 days in a row' project:  you're gonna see pretty quickly (if you didn't know this already) that my life is dialed down to the simplest things.

I live a very simple life.

And yet, even as I write this, I know that the less I do, the less busy I am, the slower I go -- and oh dear lord do I put the LO in slow -- the more worlds upon worlds open up to me;  the moment that I am in expands more deeply.  It makes no sense at all.

I was talking with Sarah the other day and we were puzzling over this very thing.

How does this work?  And by work, I mean-- how does it work this way?

Why isn't the opposite true?


Yesterday, Daisy and I drove out to Warren --  a little town just past the beach where I have always taken the dogs for a walk.  There really wasn't much to this outing --- we'd been to the beach hundreds of times before and all I was planning on doing was nooking about a bit in Warrren which I have only just discovered.  

Simple, you know?

the path to the beach

I really don't know what to say.  Simple.  Not simple.

The light.  The colors.  The feeling.
It was so warm I was in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.
Daisy went for a full body swim.
It was poetry.



As we walked about, the sky shifted and more colors popped up.  The seaweed was so green it looked like a grass edging to the surf and the clouds just went crazytown.


Once Daisy was thoroughly waterlogged and sure to fill the car with the aroma of wet dog, we headed to Warren.

It's about a five minute drive from the beach and you have to go over a little bridge to get there.  Fun facts:  former home of the original Samsonite factory;  first location of Brown University.

Houses were built in the late 1700s and the streets are super narrow.  As a result, most run one-way which makes navigation a bit twisty.  And oh yeah, the trees are mega old. 


Okay. My 20 minutes here are up.  More tomorrow . . maybe I'll tell you about my adventures in real estate hunting or my thoughts about the beauty of woodstoves.  Hard to know-- just gonna show up and spill whatever's on my mind -- talk to you then.

Oh, and be sure to do some intention setting today!!  Light a candle, take a few moments to get clear about what you want to release and what you want to call in. 

Super powerful new moon + solar eclipse.

a demain.


bisous, e


  1. Autumn is simple, not simple. I've been stunned by the colors this year (but I say that every year). I'm surprised I haven't driven off the road looking at the trees, or the reflections on the water, or trying to see what kind of bird is flying overhead. And I treasure your daily posts. Just sayin'...

    1. ohhh LOVE that you are here with me-- and I am SO with you on the "driving off the road" the colors!! my god--- not to be believed . . ..

  2. Thank you for the direction of intention setting. I am going to file away a bit of time for that. I have had a most productive day so far, and am chomping to get back to it. A lovely break was needed, and your words were THE PERFECT place to escape. This is such a gift. xoxo

  3. The simple lives are the most beautiful :) I have a feeling this month of showing up in this space and simply being is going to hold much beauty.

    1. oh gosh Corinne-- I can only hope so-- part of the simple is that there is so little to say. So much of my day is observation, you know? but THANK you for the encouragement-- gonna do my best, show up and trust that's enough . . . oxox

  4. "Simple is smart"—as my bosses used to say :). It's a shame the idea of "simple-minded" has a negative connotation, as I think things would be a lot smoother if everyone had a simple/simplicity mindset!

    Fall has always been the beginning of a 'new year' for me—feels must fresher than Jan 1, so intention setting is definitely on in full force!

    PS. That town is seriously adorable!

    1. Me too! Fall is definitely my "new year" --- probably because I spent so many years in academia-- but you can take the brand-new pencil case out of the girl but you can't take the desire for a brand-new pencil case out of the girl. . . :))

  5. Oh sure. You write a beautiful post, filled with beautiful words and images and I slap up some personal uterine humiliation. Trade ya.

    1. *running to Lizardek's site* to read up on personal uterine humiliation . .. . :)))))

  6. the simple yet not so simple...the expansion found in this space.
    it's amazing, non?

    1. truly amazing-- not sure how it works, not sure I am supposed to understand .. . xoox


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