Monday, November 4

this had a title but I lost it


Some days need more inspiration than others.  This is not one of those days.
Today is one of those mornings that simply being awake is enough.

The sun is full on.  The trees in this part of the world are still putting on a show of color that could cause a monk to weep.*


A week into her wild excursions, Daisy's joyful spirit is returning.  She is playful with octane to burn.

This means that she now believes 5 am is a really good time for me to get out of bed.  She communicates this renewed philosophy of hers by nudging her snout into my face and licking my cheek, my arm, my hand -- any flesh exposed above the covers.

I'll be honest, it takes her a good twenty minutes to succeed in winning me over to the idea it would be more fun to get up than to let the day start without me.  Of course, once I'm up -- I'm totally grateful--  the light in this apartment is insane.

Insane.  I don't know that I can ever move simply because of the light the living room gets.

And no, for those of you who emailed me -- I am not buying a house any time soon.


I was thinking about it-- hence the real estate explorations -- but it just isn't gonna happen for some time.  I love Providence too much.  My daily life here is too sweet.  Yet, I wouldn't want to buy a house here, I don't want to live in the city forever-- eventually, I want to be out in the fields, in a place with a bunch of acres, no streetlights and lots of room for gardens.

So, for the time being, I am here.

Feeling good.  Rolling into the week.  Things I also enjoyed this morning:

Don't even ask me why this rocked me so much -- Led Zeppelin is one of my most favorite bands ever, but this song I can hardly stand listening to-- and yet, I wished I was in the room for this performance.  Although it would have been TRULY awesome if the Wilson sisters had chosen Over the Hills and Far Away . . . oh god -- I may have simply died.

So, guess I'm glad they let me live.

Also this (thx to Caterina!):

"The old rules are crumbling
and nobody knows what the new rules are. 
So make up your own rules."

~ Neil Gaiman from his 2012 commencement address at
the Philadelphia University of the Arts

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bisous, e

*no idea what that means, exactly.  something about being overwhelmed by beauty, I guess.  sometimes the things that roll off my fingertips make no sense to me either, fyi.


  1. OOo, those closing words juxtaposed with the ever regal Daisy = perfection.

  2. First of all, I am so happy (HAPPY!) to hear that Daisy is coming out of her funk. YAY!! And, really, sleeping in to 5 AM, come on. Of course she needs to wake you. Thanks for sharing that tune. I don't know if I really love that song either, but this was beautiful. There was something tangible...Love, maybe? And, that quote at the end? And those treeeeeesssssss???? Oh, my. Beauty abounds. You make it resonate. xoxo

    1. she is the super duper sweet alarm clock for sure-- and oh, ! what a relief for her to be light, happy and getting all silly with puppy energy-- I can SEE the difference spending time in a playful pack of dogs is making for her-- it makes so much sense to me-- isolation can breed gloominess-- hanging with your tribe? spirit lifting xoxo, e

  3. the words that roll off fingertips…i love when that happens…the understanding is in there, somehow.

    and hooray for daisy's joy returning! and this means hooray for you too, then :)

    and that neil gaiman quote…going to write that one down right now!

    p.s. and yes to led zeppelin.

    1. oh check out the WHOLE speech Michelle-- you will LOVE it!! google Neil Gaiman commencement etc

  4. The teal- I'm a sucker for anything teal, turquoise, or seafoam (the name is just so pretty sounding)- and the colors of the trees- gobsmacked! And, Daisy to boot, looking quite wise. :) Love it!! 5am? Whoa,Daisy- let your Momma get some sleep, sweetie!! Mine was up and is now back to snoozing quite loudly on the couch this morning- with her tail curled up around her like a fox- I think she could be part fox. Have a lovely day!! xo

    1. doggy like a fox?! I love me some of that---- and, crazy as it sounds-- I LOVE that she is getting me up early although today I hit the snooze alarm . . so to speak. xoxox


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e