Saturday, November 2

the planet of contrast


This morning I got out of bed a little after five.  Made tea, lit candles, burned some sage and settled into the big white chair for some meditation.

Wow.  Is this how it's gonna be for us?  BORING.  Gah.

I am a great big bore, after all. I like to stare out the window and listen to bird song.  Neither of these things translate particularly well into the written word.  Drama.  That's what makes for good reading.


Yes, and this is the planet of contrast for sure.  I remember the first time someone presented that concept to me and how it resonated.  It helps to kind of know we chose this.  We wanted to feel the edges.  I mean, that is if you buy into the whole concept that there is some beautiful vibration of love that we were suspended in before poking our heads into this world (and, fingers crossed, a return to merge our energetic being into the big ultraviolet wave of said love particles).

Of course, if you have some other vision of the before and after-- I'm all ears.  I love nothing more than hearing about how people navigate this world and part of that involves your personal philosophy of here/not here question.


Above is my friend Jecca.  If you can believe it, we met through my old blog (nearly 10 years ago!) and she wooed me with books.  Books and books and books.  Turns out she is an editor at a primo publisher and reading my pitiful bleating she was moved to nudge me down the path toward those writers exploring the development of consciousness.

Yes, you can TOTALLY blame Jecca for ruining my ability to read fiction and to fill my bookshelves with self-help.  I know I do.

I also love her totally and forever.  She has had the most uncanny way of showing up in my life -- physically -- at my doorstep, just when I needed her most.  Uncanny, I tell you.

Anyway-- as I ramble.  There is a connection here for me when I think about how long it took me to carve out my own approach to the day and how reading dozens (okay probably more than dozens) of books has been key to pulling together the threads to make my own quilt of comfort.

The things I want to know are in books; 
my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read.

~  Abraham Lincoln

And so--- contrast.  If you look at the challenges, the pain, the struggles of your day as an experience you actively chose -- it kind of changes everything.  I know there are people who violently disagree with this approach-- and that is GREAT.  I love the CONTRAST of different beliefs, different viewpoints, different approaches to life.  Love.

And this is mine.  Because once you start owning it, you can start carving it like a surfer on a wave.*  You discover how to bring in more of what you want and steer clear of what it is that spoils your yawn**

All of which to say-- I am surprised, too -- that I am bouncing out of bed so early, so awake -- really awake and feeling so good and yet, I know it is not in small part because I had been physically unwell for so! freaking! long! that in contrast, this energy of lightness, physical comfort and ease is pure heaven and I kind of want to revel in it.  And, I am grateful for the contrast.  Because how would I know and delight in the sweetness of this RELIEF if I hadn't been in a contraction of discomfort for so long, you know?

Believe it or not-- THIS is what is playing as I type to you . . crazy!


bisous, e

* I only wish I knew how to surf . .. .

** Have you ever yawned deeply, mouth WIDE open and someone pokes their finger in your mouth?  No?  In my 'hood, that's called spoiling a yawn.  (And yes, I know people who DELIGHT in the chance to catch you out and spoil your yawn . . .)


  1. Oh, I love view the conflicts as what you choose. I have never thought of it that way before. Now, all that procrastination that has been happening, which, of course, is totally MY CHOICE has two perspectives. The first: I NEED A BREAK. The second: I CHOSE to become more behind. So as I lament the latter, I need to give a nod to the former as well. It is going to be a superb month! xoxo

    1. if today is any indication .. . it is indeed going to be an exceptional month--- just got in from the beach and a walk about in the sweetest little colonial town of Warren, RI-- and WOW --- balmy, sunny, blue sky weather--- love it !! xoox, e

  2. You make me so happy sometimes. If I could be anything else, it would be a cat that could curl up in your windowsill.

    1. Awwww how about YOU just come over here and curl up in the other white chair? I have TWO !!!

  3. I love you! I love your heart and wonder as much today as all those years ago. Baci!!

  4. love bittersweet. caught my own today.
    elizabeth, i just don't have words for how your words hit me.
    i hope you will always be available for me to read.
    no pressure:)

    1. OH Diane-- your words make my heart sing. Seriously--- I LOVE that what I write reaches you-- it makes me feel so less alone-- thank you for telling me that!!!! xoxoxoox, e


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