Sunday, December 8

how it goes


Sometimes my mornings spill out like a canister of pick-up sticks.  I wake up with a concept of how I will be spending the early hours and then? 

Not so much.

riverweeds riverlight sleepingducks

For the record, if I were to come back as an animal, it would not be a duck.  Sleeping on a cold river is definitely not on my list of "would like to try" life experiences.

Here's what I thought I would get done before 10 am this morning: 
  • drink coffee
  • read
  • meditate
  • paint the bookcase
  • bring up the Christmas ornaments and decorate the front window
  • clear the mantel and decorate with glitter boughs that I found at the farmer's market yesterday
  • make two phone calls that were scheduled for today
  • get ready for yoga*
Here's what I actually got done:  drink coffee.

Oh, and I took the dogs down to the river for a walkabout, but that was not on my list.  


bisous, e

*FYI -- for anyone playing along at home I am 7 for 7 on yoga every day in December.  boo-YAH!



  1. Sometimes the most important things do not make it to the list. They are implied. It is Sunday morning. It is a beautiful morning, from what I can gather from the stunning (!) photographs that you have shared. Coffee and a walkabout sounds just right.

    I have posted and eaten breakfast that was made by my most talented husband. But I have also gazed outside at the falling snow. And snuggled in with my resident fur person. I am working my way to my list. I am not quite there yet. Soon.

    Love your posts and *you*.

    1. gazing and snuggling are two of my most FAVORITE past times . . .. xoox

  2. I've managed to turn off plug-ins and Firefox is killing me now. Love this post. Sunday mornings aren't for getting things done...they're for recharging! And so you did :)

    1. I need that embroidered on a pillow please: Sunday mornings aren't for getting things done! love that. xoox, e

  3. Your photographs always take my breathe away. xoxo

    1. ohhh! Jennifer! you are the sweetest! thank you so much--- hope you can keep with your running in this awful icynes . . . eep. oxox

  4. "Here's what I actually got done: drink coffee." HA! I thought it was just me who had mornings like that..where I just steadily drink coffee, daydream and stare at a to-do list that never gets just gets rewritten better over more coffee the next day. Gorgeous pics...that light makes me want to slow down and drink MORE coffee! It's a vicious delicious cycle, no? xo Kelly H.

  5. I love how your dog is literally SKIPPING with joy in that top photo - fantastic.

    1. I know! that is Ollie and I loved that I was able to catch him in a joyful leap--xoxo


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