Thursday, December 19

light hearted


Is it the contraction of cold that makes everything feel pinchy and vice versa?  I hate to think my temperament is temperature driven, but the data will out.

This morning (unlike Monday's breath-squeezing shiverfest) was perfectly, softly chilly -- no bitter bite.  Result?  Tonight I'm bopping about wrapping gifts, listening to music, playing with the dogs and feel equally soft, happy and light.

Perhaps there's no correlation, but I think the fact is that I am super sensitive to the physical environment I am in-- the light, the air, the space, the color--- it affects me, probably more than I should allow it to.

Oh well-- I'll work on that in my next life time.


Tomorrow I am pulling the shutters tight at Squam HQ, something I have not done, ever.  Two weeks of holiday during, um-- the holidays!  What a concept.  To say I am very, very, very excited about this would be a very, very big understatement.

My only goal is not to let my inner critic get any airtime when it wants to point out how utterly unproductive I am being .. .  ha.  One goal.  (A singular focus generally works best for me, so I am thinking the odds are good that I will have myself some damn fun with very little productivity).

We'll see . . following whatever calls me and who knows where that will lead?

bisous, e


  1. Replies
    1. yes ma'am !! time to hang with you and the bambinos!! xo

  2. Happy holidays, Elizabeth! Hope you get to indulge yourself a lot :)

    1. oh thank you, Meri!!! I hope so too-- sending you loads of love and light for the holidays! xo, e

  3. Enjoy your down time and enjoy where you wander!! xoxo

  4. Happy holidays to you Elizabeth. Love the vacation part, good for you!


    1. me, too! thank you and HAPPY new year! xoxo, e

  5. Thank you for posting so frequently in the recent weeks....Your posts have been a real gift to my days. I find them peaceful and inspiring and love seeing that a new one is up.

    1. oh my gosh-- that is SO encouraging to me!! I really do sometimes wonder if it reaches people I don't see and I am so glad it DOES. thank you for letting me know-- sending BIG love your way!! xoxo, e

  6. OH! I am jealous! Ahhh. Happy, happy VACATION! xoxo


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