Tuesday, December 3

over the finish line

me and Harriet
photo credit:  Tory Williams

We all have our marathons.  Some people actually run 26.1 miles all at a go.  You know, like actual runners.  Others?  Well, let's just say there are some alternative approaches to the concept of "marathon" that might involve long days, too many hours at the computer, hair pulling, little sleep and significant quantities of coffee.

The past few weeks have been busy.  

As it always begins each year at this time, the pace starts out . .  much like a morning run along a grassy field . . soft, slow -- thoughts percolate like, 'hey! this is fun!  I LIKE running'.  

Soon however, as the finish line mysteriously seems to appear further and further away the longer you run, and a flipping mountain shows up out of nowhere and your legs are feeling the burn and you've peeled off all the clothes you can in an attempt to stay cool-- thoughts may no longer percolate so much as boil with exclamations such as "this f*cking sucks!  am an idiot!  what was I thinking?  I will never finish!  whose idea was this anyway?!'

But then?  Somehow--- the details drop into place, the vision manifests et voila.  You're over the line and someone's giving you a hug and holding out a bottle of water.

And you think, hell-- that wasn't so hard.

Don't mind me if I go and collapse over there under that tree for awhile, m'kay?

Also?  YES -- two for two on my 31 days of yoga.

Sing it with me now . ..

bisous, e


  1. Oh, I so know where you are coming from. (I'm putting together the workshops for 2014 Ky Sheep & Fiber Fest and am waking up before dawn with my mind already racing and thinking, "why oh why did I say I would do this?" Rest on your laurels now, dear Elizabeth!! You've crossed the finish line and it looks fabulous (again!).

    1. oh Di -- I am sending you BIG energies of SUPPORT that it all comes together smoothly and sweetly for you. Off to go check your website now to see when the dates are! xoox, e

  2. You ARE Wonder Woman. We have all known that for AGES. So glad your marathon is over and now you can sit around and shine your medal. Woot! Excited for you! xoxo

    1. ha ha-- how about I toot my horn some more? but seriously-- I am feeling so good and so glad it all came together well. the response has been fabulous and I can start to look forward to the second half of December when the Squamlandia will be CLOSED until Jan 6 -- wowza! a true vacation. I am so freaking excited. sending you big love, my friend -- xoxo

  3. Your your daily yoga commitment has inspired me to power walk, which in turn, inspired my neighbor to join me, and in turn inspired an eventual posse of neighborhood women to walk. See how these things go?

    1. ripples, baby!!! riding the wave of the ripples!! xooxo, e


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