Tuesday, February 11

a good day to die

Just back from giant (read: colassol) walk over white fields of snow to soup I made last night with roasted veggies (thx to @helenedujardin) greens from farmers mkt. headed to boston in a bit. Sigh. Life is good.

This is real time.  As I type to you, this is precisely where I am and what I see.

Now, as it were.

And, whoa-- didn't mean to freak anyone out with that title above-- I honestly never know what the hell is gonna pop out the ends of these typing fingers, but that surprised even me.  Yet, I left it as I know the depth of its truth.

Yes, today is my birthday, but EVERY day is our birthday --- or, for the enlightened Geronimo's in our midst-- every day is a good day to die.

My brother's mother-in-law (sounds like a long distance away from me, but in fact we were quite connected-- she even came to visit me a couple of times at Soliden) died three years ago next month.  She was in her early 80s.  Active.  Vital.  Engaged with life and beauty.

She had just come home from a concert and was walking up the stairs to bed when she stopped midway on the staircase, swung an arm out with delight and said, "what a WONDERFUL day!" She then continued up the steps, went to sleep and never woke up.

I take enormous comfort from this knowledge.  Not because I am all about death-- but because I am all about living a fabulous life -- breathing deep into every moment I can.

So weird that I am all about life and death here today.  I am aware that in this space I come off so heavy and philosophical at times -- ever gazing on the hypnotic swirls of my bellybutton. 

The thing is, my friends know (they KNOW) I am the most silly, absurd, child-like nut you will ever hang out with.  I love nothing better than super, silly fun.  And so I have been receiving no few emails full of silliness from friends wanting to make me laugh hard on my birthday.

I share the links with you below in the event you want blow out some energy in good, hard belly laughs.

First up:

Just in time for the Year of the Horse:  Prancercise!  (Find your inner horse)

And, then because the above is NOT a parody . . . omg.  THIS is the parody:

Beth says, "my inner horse has stripes and is a zebra."  I love this woman SO much!  (if you love her, too -- here's a fab show she did of Gwyneth Paltrow)

Am guessing Gwynnie, or GOOPy as she likes to be called, is fair game for parody because here's Katy and Katie's take:

Katie:  This is just, talking about Gwyneth Paltrow makes me hungry.

To quote Sissy, "these girls are f$&%<@! hilarious.

So--- a day filled with light, laughter and the promise of an evening with friends.

You know, a very good day to . .. be ALIVE, baby!

Big love to you all of you!

bisous, e


  1. "Co là breith sona dhut" as we say in Gaelic!

    Lang may yer lum reek. x :-D

  2. The year of the horse(zebra)...hilarious! Who does not love silly? Thank you for the laugh...Happy Birthday! Enjoy celebrating!

  3. Both those videos made me laugh out loud, my favorite thing to do. Katie and Katy's holiday party tips were a riot!!! hilarious!!

    1. aren't they FABULOUS??!! so so glad you liked them, too xoox

  4. Imagine Snoopy dancing his "happy feet" and that is my birthday gift for you! :0)

    1. awwwwww!!!! I love me some Snoopy THANK you !! xoxo

  5. now i'm afraid to send you socks! Wishing you a happy birthday (belated, sorry) and a fabulous year to come!
    Linda E

  6. Both hilarious. I think the Prancercise video is probably my fav of the moment :)

  7. Happy, happy birthday to you! I am, um, giving a test right now...so, um, I can't really watch the videos. Maybe when I get home? I am looking forward to it! I hope you are out and having the time of your life!



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