Thursday, February 13

a study in red & white


Today is my mom's birthday. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Yesterday I was given The Gift.*

A perfect trifecta for a single effect: a study in red and white and a DANCE PARTY going on in my heart, soul and living room.


No one could ever paint
A too wonderful

Of my heart
                                 ~ Hafiz

Tomorrow night I am going to dance my heart out in bare feet with a group of wild souls here in Providence in support of One Billion Rising.

To get in the groove, I have created a mixtape to keep the groove rolling from now til then.

I share it with YOU<--!  (you = my valentine)

So in love . . .

bisous, e

*Yes! I have never held this in my hands before and now am obsessed.
*Thanks to my beloved friend, Camille.


  1. Your friendship is one of the greatest blessings of my life! xoxoxox

  2. I feel the love, those photos are fantastic! I scrambled over to Amazon to see what your book is all about, and now I NEED IT. Not only for me, but for my students. (Never for ME, no way.) Your One Billion Rising sounds awesome as well. It's a Valentine's LOVE FEST. I heart you. xoxoxo

    1. you FEEL the love cause you ARE the love, baby! xoxo

  3. Hafiz coaxes my art through my hands. once, i stood in a huge beautiful studio that was mine all mine for 3 days and froze. just froze with thoughts of unworthiness, and all that blah blah blah. opened The Gift to a random page to look for something - anything. bam! page 207 - " All the talents of God are within you." created 15 pieces in 3 days. all were selected by a gallery. May your gift of The Gift bestow such magic upon you! (and PS, my book was a gift to me as well! tk you Swirly)

  4. Happy Valentine's day and joyful dancing, dear E. I am so in anticipation of magic of myth... Perhaps I will have a spinning wheel once we start ;-). This music is so nourishing. Thank you so much sharing this with us. I will spin a bit now, thinking of gifts and love and how everything gets a meaning and sense when there is someting and someone you love...

    1. oh me, too!!!! I love that you will have a spinning wheel-- that is positively mythic! XOXO


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