Tuesday, April 15

roll back that rock!

I am off to Vancouver Island! (And I am bringing you with me )Oh, yes. You brought the magic for sure

Yes! The season of resurrection is upon us, yea verily.

No surprise then that yours truly -- she of the 40+ days and 40+ nights of absence -- has been beckoned into the light of Spring by a sweet friend who has lured her from the depths of the cave with compliments and questions.

Compliments and questions, you may ask-- THAT is what got you back on the page?

Um, yeah-- kinda sorta.

Sometimes you just need an unexpected jump start to get the engine going -- so, yesterday, when an email from Asya dropped across the screen, I knew I had just the thing to get me reconnected with you all.

Asya wrote, "There is this thing going around the blog world called the Liebster Award, it’s a bit silly, but kind of nice too. You probably have already gotten it. :-) well I am sending it to you again, because I love your writing."

See? Compliments and questions! Works every time.

Off we go then-- below are the questions Asya posed to me.

What is your morning routine? 

All joking about Jesus Christ aside, I am rather religious about my sacred mornings.

I wrote about them here when they were still in their fledgling state. Today, it's kind of rote. Good rote. Well, good if you like routine, mind-numbingly boring if you don't.

Oh YES. The windows are open. A new season on the journey begins.

Early rise--- sometimes 5 am, sometimes 6 am-- generally depends on the dogs or my mood or some combination of the two.

Take the dogs outside. I check the sky. They get reacquainted with the shrubbery.

Daisy does this thing that I utterly adore: she rolls on her back in ecstasy-- as if to greet Mother Earth. It doesn't matter what is on the ground--snow, rain, leaves-- it doesn't matter where we are-- she will find a bit of dirt and do her ceremonial morning greeting. 365 days of the year she does this and it thrills me every time. It is my moment of zen.

We come in. I make tea or coffee depending on how 'awake' I already am.

I light some candles, burn some sage-- put on music and settle in for an hour or two of reading and scribbling. At about 8:30 ish -- we go out for a big walk.

There goes Ollie chasing waves

Beach, river, neighborhood, park-- I like to change it up- but it's about an hour. 9:30 or 10 ish-- we are back for breakfast. I check phone and emails. The dogs snooze.

Home and sleepy after a big morning!

10:30 we head to the office which is less than a mile from where I live. So a nice walk or easy drive. Squam stuff. And then? LUNCH ! boo-YAH.

The best way to spend a grey rainy day is...? 

I love to walk in the rain if it's not a driving rain into my face.

I also love reading. Or taking a hot bath.
Anything cozy if it is a winter rain -- anything restful if it is a summer rain.

How do you break yourself free from a creative block?

Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't get creative blocks. I don't create professionally (i.e. for $$) so there's never any pressure on me to write or paint or photograph. Maybe it would be different if I were creating to please a client--- I'm sure it would be, but that's not my scene -- so creativity is kind of a constant. What I do with it can vary, but I'm always doing something.

One of the best lessons you've learned about blogging is.... 

People are kind and generous. SO fucking kind. SO fucking generous. (exclamation point).

If you could spend a day walking in someone else's shoes, whose would they be and why? 

Ew. No. No, thank you. I would not enjoy that.

Describe your creative/blogging space? 

Um, wherever I am. Right now, I mostly write where my laptop lives which is either at the table in my living room or here at the office (I am writing to you in this moment from the office).

What was your most memorable trip?

This is a very tough question. I have had some amazing trips. And some trips that were quite awful, but you know, memorable-- ha!

I think one trip that gave me insight into a whole nother world was when I lived in Paris and went with a friend to her home in Cypress for 2+ weeks. She lived in Limassol and we traveled up to Lefkara, this ancient walled city that blew my mind.

Those were some sweet long, magical days-- we tooled around on mopeds and ate the most amazing food.  Every afternoon we'd go to one of her cousins on "visitings"- which is something they do. Every night we'd go to discotheques (we were 19 after all) and things were pretty damn, wild and free.

Which book has moved you in the past year?

I am a terrible, awful, reprehensible reader. I read a lot and rarely like any of it. And, when I don't like a book -- I tend to throw it across the room in frustration/annoyance-- at whatever point I don't like it. Needless to say, many a book I begin, I never finish. Since you didn't ask me which book I liked, I can answer your question that the book that traveled the greatest distance at the highest velocity was Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of All Things.

I worship Elizabeth Gilbert as a person-- she seems utterly cool, kind, traveling on the good red road. As a writer, she is a rockstar. I am a freak for all things botanical -- the second-half of my life is going to be dedicated to gardens and herbs. Oh, and I grew up outside Philadelphia. . . . So you would think this would be a match made in heaven.

You would think. I hurled it. Am thinking that counts as being moved, n'est-ce pas?


When/where do your creative ideas come to you most?

Bath tub.
Daydreaming on the sofa.
Walking the dogs.

One crafty tool / design tip / creative strategy you couldn't do without is...

Crafty tool: matte medium
Design tip: paint one wall of the room a different color (particularly a bold color)
Creative strategy: never turn your computer/internet/phone on until you have had sacred time in the morning.

Thanks for hauling my ass out of the cave, Asya!!! Let's catch up soon!

bisous, e


  1. Phew. THERE. you are. I did wonder. And am glad to have you back!

    By the way, my highest velocity book? Eats, Prays, Loves or whatever the hell it was called. Simply hideous.

    1. hellooooooo!!!!! I missed you. Am I going to see you in Edinborough in August? *fingers crossed*!!

    2. You definitely ARE! (I left a comment to that effect on one of your other posts.) The dates you're here have been in my calendar for a little while now and I am absolutely DEFINITELY going to meet you, my old friend 😃 Hooks 'n' crooks 'n' a' that!

  2. Hi there. I am popping in here to say: I LOVE your routine! So JEALOUS. I am behind in everything, so I am not hanging out here long. Just wanted to say that I am going to try to figure out a routine that will make my heart sing too. xoxoxo

    1. but isn't it fun we have been seeing SO much of each other these past three weeks .. . . :)

  3. I didn't throw my copy of The Signature of All Things b/c it was from the library, but I am right there with you. I was in to it for the first few chapters and then I was like, what the hell? I mean, really!! (Which is southern for, crap!)
    I love your routine too!! I've found I will go to bed earlier to cram as much of these sorts of things in to my mornings before my work in schools. Walking the critter, yoga and meditation and the days are just so much more. It's weird, with these mornings I find myself asking coworkers who say, "Another day down or TGIF" all of the time- "Is that how life should be lived?" I know, I"m a pain in the ass, but really is it? Sorry, just dropped off in to intense land- but I've missed you and adore you, so I'm glad you're baaaccckk!! :)

    1. Eileen!!!! I miss you and adore you, too! :)!!

      And YES, I should have said part of the intensity of my reaction is she HAD me in the first chapters-- she HAD me-- and then? GRrrrrrr.

      And I HEAR you on people who "kill time" ARGH. Give me my platinum Pollyanna card any time. If you do not love your life, change it-- or change how you experience it . .. or, let's just not hang out together, m'kay?

      of course, that is harder to do when they are IN your work scene--- just stay centered in YOUR truth-- which, with mornings as you described . . . you surely do-- YOU bring them light, darling girl!!!!

      XOXOXOXXO, e

  4. Well, that was a big burst of bliss, finding you had written again :-)

  5. Hey darlin! I SOOOOO love your routine. I love the photos you post on Instagram every day and I love that you came back to this sacred space!

    1. hello DARLING!!!! ohhh yay yay!!! so glad, too feels GOOD. xoox

  6. Love your routine and I'm also jealous :) Can't seem to get myself into a routine - start off good then it dwindles to nothing. You are so inspiring though that I am going to try sticking to it now because it feels so good when I do (journaling, meditating, quiet time). I don't have morning time so I do it at night but lately I find so many distractions (TV, Ipad) of my own making. Why is this I wonder??? I need to pull it together! So, so, so glad you are back I've missed you and your writing!

    1. hi Brenda-- oh honey, first of all be GENTLE with yourself-- the distractions are tough for sure--- habits are pretty much everything-- so try one shift--- maybe keep the electronics (tv ipad etc) in one room and then designate the journaling/meditating etc in another . . .. and 10 minutes is WONDERFUL-- I think many of us thing it has to be some huge hour or something--- I find if I tell myself 10 minutes-- I end up enjoying at least 25 if not more . . but mentally it is so much easier on my spirit ... . SO glad you missed me!! that feels so lovely. xoox, e

  7. Thank you, Asya. Because I had just - just! - decided to delete this blog from my list....... ;-/

    1. ha ha! oh my gosh! *whoosh* the axe breeze right by my neck . . .. :)

  8. like a breath of fresh, spring air with a little spunk sprinkled in there.
    i do love you so.

  9. I'll bet there is a nice patina of moss on that rock! Two things: such a super great idea for Creative Strategy or for any sort of intention setting for the day leaving distractions at bay until sacred time is honored, I've already started just this morning. Thanks! Early rise is the case for my dog, Linus, who starts his day getting his "peace sign" on just about every shrub in the yard. =o) ~ sherry

  10. Why am I not surprised that you have an awesome routine? I refine mine more and more the older I get. I'm an early riser as well, and do (basically) the same thing every morning: get up, feed the cat (goddess forbid this wasn't the first thing I do after I'm conscious....), make breakfast, Xander (the cat) & I eat breakfast together (there's a whole story around this), then I spend alittle time usually about 30-45 minutes depending on if it's a day I have to go to work or not reading/journaling/listening to music & daydreaming/doing my daily oracle reading, and then finally go upstairs and get ready for the day. I just feel like having that time that is largely if not completely without technology is absolutely necessary to my sanity. Especially since my day job involves being on the computer (usually online) all day.

    As an aside, I kindof love that you throw books you don't like. ;)

    1. XOXOXOX !

      sounds like you have a mighty fine routine yourself!!!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e