Saturday, May 31

happiness is the criterion


What a month-- what a week, what a day, what a moment -- what a life.

If you were wondering what's up with me, that about sums it up. This is it.

In this very minute that I am typing to you with absolutely no idea of what I'm going to write, Marvin Gaye is on the pandora station, coffee and oatmeal are nearly gone, Daisy's belly rises and falls as she sleeps near my feet, Ollie skulks about before settling in on top of my feet. And? I'm still in yoga gear as I just got back from my 8am class. Yes-- day 39 day of daily yoga-- boo-YAH.

Tomorrow I head up to the lake for our June Squam gathering and there's no few things I need to pull together before hitting the road.  In short, life as usual.


I am still doing my sacred mornings-- enjoying intuition by osho (thx, Susannah) so my heart is loose, light, open and full of trust. I have no destination, only direction.

And that feels heavenly.

per osho,
"success is not the criterion. happiness is the criterion.
whether the world says that you have been a failure
or the world makes you a star, a success--
it doesn't make any difference.  You will be happy when
your happiness comes from within, when you are living your bliss."

That's pretty much where I am.


May is generally full but when you add in a brand-new retreat;(have you SEEN that video? oh dear lord I love that video so much!) have another uber succesful online workshop Sissy knocked it out of the park! (omg, amazing group, amazing class) and decide to move office -- well, that makes things even MORE, you know--- more.

Oops, did I forget to mention I just leased a gorgeous 20' x 30' x 20' space that is being completed now in one of the most fun art/entrepreneur spaces in Providence:  an old mill complex?

Yeah--- whole new world for Squam HQ. So there's that.


Oh, and there have been houseguests, visitors and a couple more house bids because, really, if life is gonna come at you with a 20 foot wave the best thing to do is ride it, baby.

See you in June-- have a fabulous weekend!

bisous, e


  1. Oh I like your sacred mornings. I am trying to rearrange my habits so that early mornings aren't such a struggle. I love the idea of getting up in the quiet early dawn hours: cup of tea, some meditation, visit to the garden if the weather is nice and some writing! And that Hafiz book from a few posts before - such a vibrant yellow - it is drawing me in.

    Great video for Squam in the City - perfect music! One of the reasons I was drawn to the M of M course was at the end of the video it showed you arriving at work - to such a lovely office with flowers and I thought that's what I want to manifest! (Cool about the water fire! I took a road trip by myself to Providence in 2003(?) in early spring and I wondered how the canal was being used - such a cool area.)

    1. thank you, bunny! So glad you liked Magic of Myth and that the vibrations of Providence are helping you to manifest what you want most. It has changed SO much in the last 11 years-- definitely worth a trip back if you are up for it. thank you so much for stopping by! xoxo, e

  2. Oooh! New office space, hmm? Onwards and upwards! Whisk yourself back in time, say, twenty years. Imagine someone had shown you the photographs of your life now, the ones you've taken yourself. What would have gone through your head?

    I think this deserves a blog post in itself ;-)

    I marvel at how things have panned out for you since those far off days ten years ago when I first started reading BP.

    Amazing. Really amazing!

  3. I love how you wrote, "I have no destination, only direction." I just wrote that in my journal and am going to hold onto that thought. LOVE :)


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e