Tuesday, May 13

oh dear lord

#provyloveIt's the colors that get me #provylove

Bullet points.  It's all I've got.
  • No, my last post did not mean I was in a spin in a bad way-- just that Spring undoes me.  Exactly that.  My normally Type-A personality goes on walkabout and I'm left with some dreamy-headed hippie who floats about in scuffed sneakers-- no socks-- eats oatmeal for dinner and makes no effort to keep up with the busy busy world.
  • As in, no effort at all.
  • Also?  Teaching a 6-week online workshop whupped my sorry ass.  Yes.  It was divine.  Yes, I wouldn't trade it for a month here, but it pretty much used up any spare oxygen I had kicking about
  • I lie.  I would totally trade it for a month there.
  • No, no-- I am not that shallow.  I'm definitely kidding.
  • Who are we kidding?  I'm definitely that shallow.
uploadOh, spring
  • Also at fault?  Providence in Spring.
  • Sometimes when I am walking under the bowers of impossibly, endless blossoms I want to be that Verizon guy with the network of hundreds walking behind him.  I want EVERYONE to witness this beauty.
  • It overwhelms me. I feel like that Native American who got taken to England and before he set sail, his chief tasked him with making a mark on a stick for every person he saw. After about an hour in port, he tossed the stick.  No way to record it all.
  • That's how I feel.  Toss in the camera.  Shutter the blogs.  Nothing I can do to capture it.
Blessed are the mamas of this world!Found on our walk. Keeping them in my water bottle til I can get them home. Les muguets!
Cherry blossoms in the house ❤️On the crosswalk ❤️

  • In an effort to keep grounded, I have begun a daily yoga practice and as of this morning at 7am, I have made it to class 21 days in a row.  Boo-YAH.
  • Life in Provy continues to get sweeter-- maybe it takes three years to find your groove in a new town?  Maybe it takes me three years to find a groove in a new town? I wonder-- how long does it take you to feel "there" when you move to a new place, just curious.
  • I've seen some live music. In particular,  Jeffrey Foucault. I bought 3 of his cds. Am thinking this might be my summer soundtrack. In the clip below he's playing with his wife, Kris Delmhorst who is also a musician

  • And, as much as I make fun of myself for all I am not doing-- the truth is there are some big projects going on behind the screen that I can't wait to share with you and I have been pretty busy with all that.
  • I even put a bid in on a house.  I know, right?  Can you imagine-- me, buying a house?
  • Stay tuned. You never know . . .
bisous, e


  1. Replies
    1. Don't hold your breath-- I am like a sea turtle . .. . XOXOX

  2. You more than earned a trip to the spa :-) Spring in Providence looks absolutely enchanting. They call Arkansas "The Natural State" but we do not look that good!

    1. awwww-- let's go to the spa TOGETHER!!!!

  3. I laugh out loud reading your blog- Willow, my dog, runs from the room in fear or embarrassment- who knows? Oh, and this guy sounds like buttah- and, the wife= whoa... nice!! House- Woohoo!!!

  4. 21 days in a row for a yoga practice - oh how I long to get back to my practice - soon, soon my life will return to a balance. Thank you for the inspiration to persevere.

  5. you have lily of the valley!

  6. 1. HOUSE?!? Yay.
    2. Took me 4 years to be HAPPY living in Los Angeles...
    3. That looks like some Spring season you've got there - such heavy blooms
    4. Pretty sure after the winter all East-coasters made it through, the least you should get is a few weeks of sneakers without socks and wandering around in the gorgeousness. enjoy xo

  7. Oh dear lord! ENJOY!!!! This course was magic and so intense. What did you say? Uh, something about joy play pleasure... Spring seems to the very right time in Providence for shoeless sunny feet of yours. A house, a house! And new things brewing??? You. Make. Me. Curious.Lovely. Dear E., you do Providence justice with your amazing pictures... They make smile and feel at ease with the world. Hugs!

  8. HOUSE! OMG-GROWNUP! :D I have been LOVING your journey through Providence and spring (and life). And yes, speaking as a military brat, 3 years sounds just about right.


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