Monday, June 30

second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning!

Yes. We've been much with the fairy dust and flight in these parts.

What can I say? It's summer. There are heirloom tomatoes to be eaten on toast with sea salt and mayonnaise. Mornings that begin with birdsong. Evenings that close out with birdsong. And sunshine.

Today is the last day of June so I simply must jump in here and post as there is a statute of limitations on how long you can go without blogging in my world and one full month definitely takes me right to that edge. The thing is, there's only so much happiness anyone wants to hear about. Happiness, let's be honest, is boring.

Alas-- I absolutely love being boring. It suits me extremely well.  I just don't want to wish it on any of you, and yet-- I know we have this kind of kooky relationship, you and I-- and so I have to show up. And so, here I am.

Yep.  That's what I painted onto my bookcase last night cause that is pretty much where I am at.

Best things I have read of late are Anatomy of Desire (which I kind of feel like I already told you about but am too lazy to go back and read through previous posts to see if that is true or not) and a couple of small volumes by Osho:  Intuition and Creativity.

The thing about Osho is I find him to be a bit of a blowhard (I know, am so judge-y and clearly light years away from being enlightened). But if you ignore that part, there's much to take away, or at least I have certainly scribbled down quite a bit.

"If nirvana is in the small things, the way you live them--
the way you transform every small activity into a holy act,
into a prayer-- your house becomes a temple, your body becomes the abode of God, and wherever you look and whatever you touch is tremendously beautiful, sacred--
then nirvana is freedom.

Nirvana is to live the ordinary life so alert, so full of consciousness, so full of light, that everything
becomes luminous. It is possible.
I say so because I have lived it so,
I am living it so.
It has become possible for me;
it can become possible for you."

- Osho, Creativity

Yep. You and me both, Osho. Welcome to the house of the bo-bo-BORING.

Yesterday I actually broke out the real cameras and took photos old school. I've already posted a bunch of them here and here, so will have to find some other way to tell my story because to tap from the same roll a third time might cause my redundancy meter to shatter the calm like a car alarm.

Words, then.

First, a question.  Do I truly believe I am capable of keeping up with three blogs when I only ever have the one story? Hmm, hard to say.

Of course, that tale of the elephant and the three blind monks . . each of them described a very different animal seeing as each encountered the elephant from different perspectives-- comes to mind.  But then, I am not blind, a monk or catching up for drinks with an elephant at the local pub, so I don't think this provides any answer.

Besides drowning myself sweetly in the nectar of summer, I have also been gently easing myself back into painting/writing mode.

The weekend before last I did a two-day workshop up in Boston with Sabrina Ward Harrison that really got the mojo rolling and I cannot wait for my new studio space to be set up this month. We were supposed to move in July 1st (omg, that's tomorrow!) but fortunately for me, it got delayed as this is a brand new office space they are building and they won't be done until the 15th.

I also splurged on some Ginny Sims ceramics from HERE which just arrived tonight and I am kind of delighted with how very rustic Portuguese goes Versailles they are.  Roughly styled with naif blue strokes and yet the gold rims just take it to a whole new place. Handmade pottery is my weakness for sure. (hello non-sequitur!)

But hey! Now that I think about it, this is kind of a big night. Tomorrow marks my third year of moving to Providence: we arrived July 1 in a wild ass rainstorm. We were all feeling a bit shipwrecked and uncertain.

What a world apart from this moment.

Right now the air is soft and balmy. Bare feet in squishy green grass kind of weather. The windows and front door are open, a light breeze rolls through. The dogs are crashed. And after I hit send on this post, I'm gonna sit here a bit and reflect on all that has happened in these past 36 months and, perhaps, have a wonder about what tomorrow might bring.

egret at the river on our afternoon walk
bisous, e


  1. Sabrina Ward Harrison- I would die- so awesome!! I just love how you write and share the radiance you feel and experience!! I have got to s Provy now!! xoxo

    1. oh yes Eileen!! I think you would like it so much!!! xoox

  2. You are the opposite of boring. This post INSPIRES. Love how you are letting summer embrace you. I am working with the ants. Progress! xo

    1. yes yes, THE ANTS, my darling girl-- summer of the ANTS!!! help ALL around you. xooxoxox, e

  3. Oh, but isn't that what summer is for? Being boring and soaking in the sunlight. Living simply and following passions barefoot. Seems you are right on course! Enjoy!

    1. yes, Wendy-- I must agree-- that is exactly what summer is all about on my planet! xoxo, e

  4. I think that we live in such a drama-filled world that it's easy to feel like anything different than that or the go-go-go lifestyle is boring, but I agree with you. A lot of people find my life boring (I know this for a fact; they've told me LOL), but honestly? I kinda love it for the most part. I've always been somewhat solitary, always been one to have a small group of close friends rather than a massive group of friends, and I genuinely enjoy sitting at home or simply going out for coffee or walk along the lake ('cause we're landlocked down here). I think life is what you make it, and it's only boring if you think it is.

    With that said, I kinda get where you're coming from. When you're blissfully happy doing mostly the same things, it can feel like you don't always have something interesting to share. I try to trick myself out of that headspace by thinking "yeah, same things I tend to do, but it's a different day which means a different perspective." Just something to consider :) Can't wait to hear all about your new studio!

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  6. your words are grounding, grounding, grounding, to me.
    so, thanks. and keep 'em comin'.

    1. hey Diane-- not sure why my comments are showing up-- *blogger!* but I wanted to say THANKS for letting me know and giving me such sweet encouragement. xoox

  7. So glad you're finally back! I must say that I enjoyed my own breakfast of tomatoes on toast with sea salt (yes, I have that nearly every morning, but I drizzle olive oil on mine, LOL) while sitting on my patio, toes in the sunshine, and read all about your boring life (wink). Your inspirations are so apropos, as always, and fertilizer as I head off to write. Thank you!!

  8. thank YOU, kathy-- you got me to post today!! xoxoox

    1. You are so very welcome! It seems ironic, though, since you're the teacher who's inspired me to make writing the very center of my life once more. xxxooo

    2. oh how I LOVE how the circle goes round and round


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