Friday, July 11

a happy fairy

If I had written this post last night (when I thought I was going to sit down and share with you) it would have been titled, "save me" and I would have linked to this song as that is what was going through my head as the house filled with the rich scent of cinnamon, sugar, and peaches baking.


I am much with the play, fun and spontaneity these days. Last night there were six perfectly ripe peaches sitting in a blue bowl and I decided I wanted to make a crumble. People, I must say for the record, I blew the doors off the peach cobbler cottage.

Granted, I am perfectly familiar with the adage 'easy as apple pie' -- so perhaps I should be a wee bit less thrilled with myself. And yet, with no recipe, no flour on hand-- I had a bit too much fun improvising and proceeded to do the following:
  • grabbed a pie dish
  • buttered it, sprinkled sugar across the bottom
  • sliced the peaches one by one (stopping only to eat a few errant slices because oh dear god they were utterly perfectly ripe and there is nothing on earth that makes me more crazy than ripe peaches in July) into the dish
  • I sprinkled lightly with cinnamon
  • spritzed a squeeze of fresh lemon juice over them
  • in a bowl I dumped some oatmeal, sugar, pinch of salt-- smooshed it up with chunks of butter
  • added a splash of sour cream because it was there and seemed like a good idea
  • then dumped the whole "crumble" mixture over the peaches and smoothed it into a crust.
  • baked it on high heat-- like 425
  • and, oh my god
  • cue save me

This is what it looked like right out of the oven.  Can you smell it?  Oh my god.

Now for the full disclosure.  The entire thing is gone.  Gone.

I have eaten the ENTIRE thing. For breakfast, lunch and then polished it off this afternoon.

Boom. Done. Gone.

*sound of the spoon hitting the empty pie plate in the sink*

And you would think I would be like Winnie-the-pooh or the little bunny who got sick in Farmer McGregor's garden-- Peter Rabbit!-- and need to take my sore, aching belly to bed with a cup of chamomile tea and a heart full of chagrin.

Nope. Not one bit.

I ate the entire thing--- spoonful by ever lovin' spoonful -- and it was HEAVEN and didn't affect me adversely in the least.

The mystery of life . ..  continues to unfold.

Part of why I never got to the computer to write to you last night was I got caught up watching this video with Sonia Choquette that I LOVED, btw-- and where she proclaims herself 'a happy fairy' and I must say-- there's my tribe.

Happy Fairies, unite.

Her statement came in the context of movies she loves--- and, like me, she is not drawn to heavy 'serious' 'important' movies but delights in the absurd, the silly, the smart vs the clever -- she cited: Monty Python, Waiting for Guffman, Spinal Tap . .

The reason they were talking movies is this interview was part of something called Spiritual Cinema Circle.

The hell?  Spiritual Cinema Circle? 

I have never heard of this and as I rarely (oh, so rarely) watch movies but THIS seems right up my alley. They have a selection each month and each month put together a trailer for what's on offer like this: JUNE 2014

Okay-- gotta run.  Meeting the movers in 20 minutes as next week is THE MOVE. boo-yah. 

bisous, e


  1. I love summer peach pastries - I make a brandied ginger peach pie and it's totally gone in less than 24 hours!

    1. oh YES--- the ginger!!! that is going in next time for sure!!! xoox

  2. You live in a rainbow world of love (and pie). Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pie!

    1. and see? You and Kat Sweeney and Terri Dautcher -- 3 people I ADORE-- are all pie people. Me? I am a cake woman all the way--- and yet, cobbler will grab me by the ankles and pull me in-- yes it will. oxox

  3. I first need to comment on that picture of Oliver. Oh, my goodness. He is glowing and happy! It was so lovely that it broke my heart a little bit. And, that crumble...pie...cobbler...whatever looks PERFECT. I made a blueberry pie for the fourth of July and it was GONE fast too. In fact, I should make another one! I want to be in the Happy Fairy Tribe. Is there an initiation? THE MOVE is HUGE. I can't wait to hear all about your new space. It is rainy here today, but somehow it suits me. Sending you a big HUG! xoxo

    1. I am SO glad you noticed Ollie-- he IS happy. SO SO happy these days-- just smiling and he comes up and kisses me all the time -- it makes my heart sing, too. Blueberry pie-- for the 4th of July-- that's a poem! hugs and hugs and hugs !! xoxoox, e

  4. The peach crumble looks awesome! I love improv in cooking; it always leads to good things. Good luck with the move :)

    1. thanks Candace-- wouldn't you know the move got delayed (again!) to next Monday-- sigh, but all for the best I am sure! xoxoxo, e

  5. I have made peach crumble withs Speculoos cookies (spice cookies) that I buy in France. Just crush the cookies, add butter. Done! You don't need to add cinnamon to the peaches because there is some in the cookies. The easiest crumble ever. Worth keeping a pack in your cupboard. I watched Sonia Choquette's interview and immediately loved her, loved what she had to say. Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth!

    1. i LOVE speculoos!! that is a GREAT idea-- and I might do it with another fabulous ginger cookie I find here in the US-- thank you for sharing so glad you love Sonia-- isn't she wonderful?!! xoxoxo

  6. you've reminded me that i love a little cobbler for breakfast…must get on that, stat. the sugar sprinkled on the buttered dish? must remember that. what delicious and delightful meal you made for yourself, my nourished and happy fairy. xo

    1. hee-- yes! well, I know that butter and sugar on the bottom is always good cause if it fails you can flip it over and call it a peach TATIN . . :)

  7. Oh Elizabeth this post is delightful! That cobbler description made my mouth water. Talk about the mysteries of life - I was going to ask you about the books of her's you mentioned in a comment on your last pos I have never heard of her and was going to ask you to recommend some. Since there are no coincidences and you have now mentioned her again I think I should hurry to discover her - there must be a message that I should hear. Thanks for always being a bearer of good things!

    1. oh yes-- the first one I read I think was called Ask Your Guides--- it's fun-- I think I also read Soul Lessons-- I am going to follow her blog now as I really like her voice . . so glad you did, too!! xoox, e


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