Wednesday, July 30


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Can we talk about the nails?  You know, since they are front and center here and an indication of all the time I am not spending getting manicures. (For any perfectionists out there, you will be relieved to know that after seeing this photo I went home and took the last of the blue off my nails so although they may not be buffed and polished, they are at least plain and clear-- you're welcome!)

What has been going on?

Well-- we moved office which went super smoothly in all the ways I had planned and then went pear-shaped in all the ways I had not prepared:  fumes from fresh paint and floor varnish made it impossible to work there the first week; no possibility of installing a sink (<-- boo!), delays and hiccups in getting high-speed internet . . etc.  You know the drill.

Moving = Expect the Unexpected, n'est-ce pas?

@gleenaceramics #provylove@gleenaceramics #provylove

The mill buildings above are not my office space but Asya's -- there are a number of old mill complexes around here that have been turned into office and studio spaces.  I will be sure to share loads of my new digs once I get into a normal life routine.

Well, you know-- as normal and as routine as I ever do.

So far the dogs are settling in well and loving the community which is really warm and welcoming to them.

Daisy and Oliie win over the Verizon guys. The space is looking ready, ...!Feels like I should have a ballet barre....Morning walk through the hood

I will be honest and tell you I am in no way ready for July to be over.  I need THREE more months of July, please.


God, I love summer so much and we need so much more time to both do NOTHING and explore, play and create.  *sigh*

#provyloveSetting up for Thursday night outdoor movie night in downtown #provylove playing tonight? Reality Bites fresh popcorn popping nowThe current state of my living room: sunshine and work in process. Monday we move into the new office space that will also have studio space for me. My living room will be grateful for that!Best of, baby! #provylove

#lincolnwoods #provylove my own Rothko

You can be sure there has been tons of journaling and soul work, too as that seems to be my thang. It's the harder thing for me to talk about and share here because it would take more time and reflection to write with clarity around all that is opening up for me.

All good.  Stuff I like. It feels like things are really popping for me right now.  Three years into living here and all of a sudden every day, every night there are SO many things I want to do and I simply can't do them all.  You know that old gardening adage about perennials?

First year they sleep,
second year they creep,
third year they leap?

Yeah.  It's like that-- much with the leaping around here.

Dogs have both jumped. Am tempted

Movie I liked:  Mumford

Song I'm playing:  Sade, by your side

Video that makes me happy:

bisous, e


  1. I vote for three more Julys as well! So. Not. Ready. for summer to be coming to a close. That is too bad about the lack of a sink! Boo, Boo, Boo!!! I am so happy that things are popping and leaping around there. Around here? I would like to NAP more. But that is just summer talking. Sending you BIG LOVE~ xoxoxo

  2. I am totally on board with there being three more Julys. I am SO not ready for summer to end! I am so sorry for your lack of a sink! What a bummer! Sending you BIG LOVE!! xoxoxo

    1. oh no worries about the sink-- makes me dig on my Yankee resourcefulness-- or, perhaps dip into my French DNA and get a bit débrouillard . . . xoxoox

  3. Yay for the move being done! Husband and I are going to be moving out of our place at the end of next month and we have to get rid of so much stuff. I am not looking forward to it. At all. I love that things are popping and leaping for you! I am going to take that as proof of that possibility for me. I'd say I'm in the middle of my journey to there right now. Thanks for that sweet video - I'm a puddle of mush!

    1. awww-- I love dropping into a puddle of mush! sending you and the husband BIG energies of ease for a smooth move-- it is a big deal to get rid of the guff but that can feel SOooo good too-- lightens the load, literally. XOXOX, e

  4. I kinda like the nail polish. It rather makes the photo for me :)

    1. really?!! that is so funny-- if it was paint drips I would feel the same-- but so glad it doesn't ruin it-- guess it makes it "real" ha haha XOXOXO

  5. I'll be honest, I"m a total Fall baby. That coupled with the fact that I live in the South, where humid and heat rein supreme for a surprisingly long part of the year and yeah, I'm ready for the crisp air and colorful leaves of Autumn. Your new space looks beautiful. Maybe the time you can't be in the office is the Universe's way of telling you to take a few days to play :) Daisy and Olly (Ollie?) definitely look very happy up there!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e