Thursday, July 17

I know you won't believe me but . . .

sometimes I lose all track of time and if you ask me what day it is,
I might not know that either

sometimes my dogs graze like cattle

sometimes I am simply incorrigibly anti-social
(but then again, there is solace in knowing I am not alone in that)

Walking and talking are two very great pleasures,
but it is a mistake to combine them. 
Our own noise blots out the sounds and
silences of the outdoor world; 
and talking leads almost inevitably to smoking,
and then farewell to nature as far as
one of our senses is concerned. 
~ CS Lewis

bisous, e

P.S. talking almost inevitably leads to smoking .. . good to know


  1. I love this and I totally believe you on all fronts:)

  2. I used to lose track of time, and days...I know I will get back there. But right now, I am doing really well this week: I have only forgotten ONE softball practice. Woot!

    And, it is really good to know about that smoking thing. My son is DOOMED. He never stops talking.

    Awesome photos, and thank you for providing me with my five minutes of Peace and Calm today! xoxoxoxo

    1. oh yes-- peace and calm--- keep it at the center-- XOXOOX !!!

  3. Yes, you are not alone in that -being sometimes antisocial ;-). I wish I could loose track of time again. My life consists of appointments it seems. But holidays are near!!!

    I love to dive into your peaceful pictures. Itrefreshes and nurtures my morning hours. I stand up, make a big mug if coffee and cerials for my sons, gi into the bath and check twitter. Then I have 5minutes just for me and your posts. Thank you so much for these perfect day beginning!

    Hugs! Kati

    P.S. we talked about names in MoM... I have found my middle name!!

    1. you DID!!! you must tell me what your middle name is! I am loving that!! if you don't want to share here-- just email me-- congratulations- that is so exciting!! oxoxox, e

  4. I am kati anne mohr. I am really proud to say that! It is no official naming. It is the real me and no office is needed for testifying something that is right under my skin. I am feeling anne in every clear and creative move I do. I see anne in my knitting and in the eyes if my sons when I tell them stories I have improvised. And I am also kati. With a history. With experience. With figures and oh-so-logical and sometimes cynical words and wit. Helplessly romantic and in love with pi. Anne is the side of me that was reborn in 2012. It should not surprise you that reading your squam blog and later this blog was a very important support for me - or does it? :-) Well, I feel much more focused now. And although life keeps throwing me out if balance here and there again, I am proud to see me growing. Into what, I am still unsure of. But I am curious.

    I will come next June. It is all settled. Inside and outside of me.
    Hugs, and love, and THANK YOU.

    1. oh my GOSH!! so so so so happy and thrilled and delighted for you Kati Anne! And, it's funny you love that name so much as I was born Elizabeth Anne . .. but then changed my middle name-- as I told you in Magic of Myth . . but still -- feels very sisterly to share that name with you! and 2015 holds all KINDS of good things for us for sure!!! xoxoxox, e

  5. You are not alone at all...and yes, there is solace in that for us all. Solitude can be healing. As for walking alone, I prefer it. It is kind of a free floating thought time by which at the end of the walk one is rejuvenated, in mind and body...maybe only slightly but enough. There is a difference! xxoo

    1. hi Carol!! yes yes-- free floating thought time-- that's it exactly xoxoxo

  6. You are definitely not alone in being anti-social; I am as well. More often than not, I have to kindof prod myself into interacting with society at large. It's not that I dislike people (at least, not as a general rule), but I deeply enjoy time spent alone or more specifically with pets and in nature. I think, I some level, I actually have to have that time in order to maintain any level of balance. And I don't feel a big need to have people around me all of the time or even all that often.

    I choose to live by the motto "I'm not anti-social, I"m selectively social". Feel free to borrow; it's a free-use statement ;)

  7. Just home from Italy, a little tired from the intensity of 14 days of glorious events, when I realised ... 'Elizabeth will have published some posts and I'm way behind :-) There may be a cascade of her words and images to lose myself in for a little while!!!!' And there is. Thank you for coming in sometimes and posting for those of us who love the beauty you create over here. xx


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e