Friday, August 29

365 days doth a year make

gooseberry island :: 29 august 2014

We were talking about you today.
There's a place you never got to visit that you would've totally loved: Gooseberry Island.

gooseberry island :: august 29 2014

It's a straight shot south of Providence, an easy drive. Given today is the anniversary of that sad, sad awful no-good morning last year, I thought it would be good to head out to the sea as you always loved the beach.

henry :: martha's vineyard 2012

Man, I am having a tough time writing. I thought pulling up pictures of you would make it easier.

I was gonna tell you about how we moved into a new office space-- it was a tough transition for me (maybe I'm not good with change?), but things are starting to feel a bit more comfortable there.  Our neighbors are friendly and many people bring their dogs to work so that makes it fun for Daisy and Ollie. I'm painting again, so there's that.

I was gonna tell you about all the wild stuff that has gone on this summer since I never found a way to sit down and blog about it, but I honestly don't know where to begin. Things have just been full out. Full Out. Non-stop. Perhaps this has been true for everyone this summer-- I seem to be hearing those exact words from my friends.  Just full out.

And, I think I am changing-- I am moving further and further away from this online world and sinking more deeply into real time with no need to document or record. Which is a bit tough since I know I like to keep a record here-- but, again, change-- flowing with change and letting things evolve or in this case, devolve.

In a couple weeks, Daisy and Ollie will be up with Dave at Soliden for the week and I know they'll all be missing you then, too.

You are always missed.  That's mostly what I came in to say.

Today and every day.

I don't know where you are, but I know there's love all around you, love all around you.
Because you, you were pure love.

photos above by Bella Cirovic

And? Smart. So smart to leave at the perfect high point of summer's end when everything is bright and warm, and the gardens are spilling over with tomatoes, sunflowers and corn.

A season that can soften sorrow no matter how deep.

bisous, e


  1. Let my tears be my words. Much love to you. ~~T.

  2. Tears. Oh, so many tears. Fur children stay with us for only a short time, but their big hearts leave us forever changed. Better. Deeper. Such love cannot be explained; it can only be experienced.

    Like my friend Karin says, "Dogs are the best people."


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