Thursday, March 19

back to the future

Above is a photo from another March many, many years ago. That's me, standing in the middle of an ancient goddess circle somewhere in the French countryside. We were out mucking about in the woods, came upon it, I walked straight into the middle of the circle, closed my eyes, head back, heart to the sky. Someone snapped a photograph.

Then we left.

It was both so random and such a brief moment. It's one of my most treasured photographs.

Most of you already know this, but tomorrow is not just the Spring equinox, it is also a new moon and a total solar eclipse. Boom.

As if that weren't enough cosmic shake-up, the eclipse lands on the Omega point--- you know, that moment when the snake eats its tail, that magical moment when you have leapt off the cliff and your toes are reaching for the other side but you haven't quite landed yet. That.
“The 1st degree of Aries is the Alpha point and 29 Pisces is the Omega point. They represent the start of the zodiac (1 Aries) and the end of the zodiac (29 Pisces)- and they are points of initiation and completion, beginnings and endings.” via mysticmamma

All I know is things are BUZZING around here. 

At 8:00 this morning, three guys stood on my porch, a giant white truck idling behind them. How could I forget insulation day! Except since they will be here 8 hours today and 8 hours tomorrow, hammering, pulling back siding to drill holes into the side of the house to blow insulation into the bays (and sometimes directly into my kitchen by mistake ACK! but easily cleaned up with a shop vac thank heavens) --- things feel noisy, busy, disrupted.

Plus, the wind!  Blustery blustery in your face BLUSTERY. If there were tumbleweeds in these parts they'd be spinning three feet above the streets.

I like a bracing wind that cleans dead branches from the trees. I like the idea of a house that has more than two inches of clapboard between me and sub-zero temperatures. I just would like to be on a quiet lake somewhere while all these changes are happening.

Am rather partial to quiet, as you all know.

Oh and hey! I should also add into the mix of things that have disturbed the serenity of my pond today is that I am reading Leaving Before the Rains Come which shares more about her deeply chaotic and genuinely dangerous childhood.  I had read her Don't Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight so you would think I'd know what I was getting into. But somehow, it's sinking even more deeply just how ungrounded it all was and that is really not the energy I need today.

And yet-- karma will out.

Part of why I am in here writing to you in the middle of the day is that I know what soothes me: writing. One of the tools in my self-care toolbox. 

When agitation is getting the best of me, grabbing a pen and writing it all out is like hitting the steam valve . . . ahhhh. And there are quite a few things I do for self-care, as you know--- and I'm gonna be sharing some of my favorites very soon. Susannah has invited me (and a whole host of other lovely spirits) to share APRIL LOVE 2015

I don't know what day my share will be posted, but come join the fun-- there are daily instagram prompts and all sorts of goodies to help us feel the love in this month of yellow flowers.

If you, too, have been feeling the turbulence of this day-- I send you wishes for peace and ease.

bisous, e


  1. Beginnings and endings...I don't know how I feel about that. I have a lot going on right now at work, and in my personal life...and I just don't know if I WANT anything to begin or end right now. Rebirth is where I am going to put my energy. That feels good. So tomorrow, I will focus on THAT.

    I am so sorry about the noise. I am with you, that would bug me, too. But! Warmth! It is worth it! Sending you BIG love as always...xox

  2. BOOM Indeed!!!! Good golly, what a trifecta! The New Moon was a super moon too. I'm not sure it was possible for any of us to escape those energy effects. Actually, I had a little conversation with those powerful Beings of the Universe yesterday... kinda asked (maybe begged) for them to just chill out on the download and the shuffling for a bit. It was getting a bit too intense for me with all the other processing going on. I think those wonders out there listen for today has been easier :) Oceans of LOVE to you xoxox

    1. oh Xan, I cannot wait-- seriously cannot wait-- to the day I get to meet you in person which I totally know will happen even if it means I have to put my churchmouse non-traveling butt onto a plane to Australia! :)

    2. oh Xan, I cannot wait-- seriously cannot wait-- to the day I get to meet you in person which I totally know will happen even if it means I have to put my churchmouse non-traveling butt onto a plane to Australia! :)

    3. Ha, not if this churchmouse butt gets to you first :)


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e