Friday, April 10

because I can close my eyes and pretend I see fields of green

Even my screen saver is mocking me. Truly.

This morning, after my yoga class and a walk home under gray skies and cold drizzle, I came around the corner of the kitchen to sit with a cup of coffee and what did I find but my laptop taunting me with images of Spring.

The photos here and other bowers of pink and yellow--blue skies - dogs frolicking on white beaches were all being flashed before my eyes as the screensaver's slideshow began drawing from last spring's folder for no apparent reason except, you know, to mock me.

Totally mocking me.

Good thing I already had the plans for the perfect breakfast for a chill rainy morning: oatmeal with sliced bananas that have been fried in ghee.

Yes.  OMG.  You need not add a thing. The bananas carmelize themselves.  It's killer.  A dollop of plain yogurt with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds on top and the clouds don't have to part for me to hear singing.

My own private Idaho, as it were.

So with that goodness in hand, I can now look at those tiny little yellow dots at the end of each of those little white stems. I'm sure they all have fancy academic names I should be using-- but no.

Those tiny little dots, they drop me to my knees.

Other good things on offer:

Susannah's weekend goodies always rock my world, this week is no exception

Public Art Shows hitting NYC right now

Boho Chic 2015

This facebook post by Annie Lamott

"All truth is a paradox. Life is a precious unfathomably beautiful gift; and it is impossible here, on the incarnational side of things. It has been a very bad match for those of us who were born extremely sensitive. It is so hard and weird that we wonder if we are being punked. And it filled with heartbreaking sweetness and beauty, floods and babies and acne and Mozart, all swirled together."

Another photo that resurfaced this week was this one above taken by my dear friend Bella Cirovic. I had to use it at the Squam blog today and thought to share it here, again in the hopes that one day soon I am sleeveless and surrounded in green.

Have a great weekend--

bisous, e


  1. It's a comin'!!! I promise. In the meantime, can we just talk about your fabulous bracelets! Love, Love, Love!!! Have a great weekend!


    1. XOXOXOXOXOXOX!!! yes we can! I love me some bracelets ha :)

  2. You're as pretty as a field of flowers :)

    1. XOXOXXOXO when do you come back to the USA!!??

  3. Oh, my gosh! That photo of your is gorgeous! I love that post by Anne Lamott. I love her anyway and all of her posts are so good, but that one, I don't know, THAT ONE really hit home, ya know? So. Brilliant.

    Spring WILL come. It snowed here yesterday, but today: SUN! I didn't need a jacket by afternoon. Spring just likes to do what she likes. Nobody can rush her. (Hurry UP, for goodness sakes!)

  4. Perhaps those lovely pink petals were just trying to comfort you and remind you they were on their way back, along with sleeveless days... :) Ditto on the cool boho bracelets!

  5. These photos have me drooling for Spring.
    Hello, love. We are almost there.

    1. today was GLORIOUS . . .. I think my imagination mojo worked! :)


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