Friday, November 27

boyz n the hood

This was the first thanksgiving in my new house and I have to say, it set the bar high. We had a feast that was half vegan with Forrest and his friend Andy doing all of the cooking save for a mushroom/quinoa casserole that I made as the vegan entree.

Above you can see the wee centerpiece I created from bits I gathered in the garden-- ivy and lavender. It goes to show the power of sentiment as I don't know that I have ever loved a centerpiece more than this one.

Wednesday night had Forrest breaking out his kitchen aid and making pie dough from scratch for his pumpkin pie. (Mary Berry would be so proud).

Two of their friends joined in so it was a table of five - me with four guys and after dinner (which was utterly perfect, crazy good) we played Cards Against Humanity and I won. 

Which I'm sure made me very happy last night, but in this moment, I have such a sugar hangover that nothing sounds good except camomile tea - isn't that what Peter Rabbit's mother gave him for his over indulgence in Farmer MacGregor's garden?

Today I am in full on post Thanksgiving slump. Three days left of this blogging gig. 

We'll see if I make it across the finish line or not.

Daisy looks very serious here but she could not have been more happy with so much extra attention. It was a very full day of gratitude and fun. Blessed be.

bisous, Elizabeth

all photos thanks to Forrest


  1. That Table. That Turkey. That Centerpiece! Oh. What a glorious day you had, and the sugar hangover is worth it, I am sure! I love Daisy. Smooch her soft head from me! xoxoxo

    1. I will smooch her for you--- yes, it all felt so good and sweet and easy. Super Blessed. Sending YOU biggest blessings XOXOXO

  2. I'm so glad you made such a lovely memory in your place! I hope the rest of the weekend is equally lovely!

    1. Me, too! Was super unexpected-- sometimes the best surprises are! OXOX Hope your weekend is sweet and easy and full of GOOD BOOKS!! XOXO

  3. Replies
    1. ha ha-- that's Andy-- a friend of Forrest's and now mine -- you will meet him! He is a dj and came up to Squam in September and rocked the house for our dance party-- super great guy!!


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