Friday, November 6

friday ish

It's true that in recent years I have fallen far off the blogging train, but this does not mean that I have stopped reading blogs altogether. though it's not a daily thing, Fridays are probably the one day I go on blogabout as several of my favorites have a round-up they do that often have fabulous links.

Yesterday, my friend Meg blew back into town. She lives in Providence but she is never here. Summers she spends on Martha's Vineyard and then, due to her work as a climate change consultant, most weeks she is out on the other side of the globe.

Case in point, she had just spent the last four weeks hopping about on sixe islands in Micronesia and was merely passing through town on her way to Belize.

We went out for dinner last night and listening to her normal life which involves such wild, extensive travel - I reflected on how I am just the total opposite. 

A perfect weekend for me is being at home. I just don't have the travel bug, at all.

Yet, if I were to play armchair traveler and pick three places I might want to go spend some time, here are a few choices:

this peaceful island villa

this looks nice

or, maybe, the dogs and I grab towels, bedding and hit the road!

How about you?  Homebody or somewhere you'd love to go?

bisous, Elizabeth


  1. You will be shocked to hear that I am the biggest homebody of them all. I like to sit on my own chair and sleep in my own bed, and have my very own cupboards and refrigerator at my disposal.

    I do love the ocean though. So, there is that.

    I love your photos. Daisy snoozing...I just want to curl up with her. And your house! I love it!

    1. thank you ! I love my house too-- probably why I never leave . . . ha! XOOX

  2. Elizabeth! So happy to see you're back. I keep Mystic Vixen bookmarked and when you're on blog-sabbatical I peak in every once in a while to see when you return. I love your writing voice and how you freely share your hard-learned wisdom. As to your question: I am definitely a homebody. Seeing new places and meeting new people in their own environment is fun, but as I get older I don't always have the energy for the hassles of travel. And I love my home, my little space in the sun down here in SW Florida. I'm four miles - as the crow flies - from the Gulf of Mexico. Just being near that amazingly warm, clear water keeps me calm and happy. When work and life drama gets to me, I try to remember how truly blessed I am.

  3. ohhh BEAUTIFUL!! how I want to see the gulf of mexico sometime .. but love that I can live vicarously through you-- so so glad we are reconnected and THANK you for loving on me so big time-- I feel so deeply seen and loved and it feels so good THANK you!!

  4. Hi dear Elizabeth, adventurer for sure, I love the inspiration that comes from traveling and meeting new people. I love to seek out the beauty of nature in different environments and use it to inspire future projects.
    I can see how the beauty of your surroundings keep you happily there. Your gentle walks in the autumn woods are just glorious, so many simple pleasures on your doorstep and then your peaceful haven to return to x

  5. Truthfully, it depends on my mood. I absolutely love to travel, so I did it quite frequently in my 20s. But as I'm progressing into my 30s, I have a new appreciation for the comfort of home as well. I'm pretty sure that's largely because of my cat, who I'm pretty attached to. I'm fortunate that I've actually been to over 20 countries, so I've had teh opportunity to see a lot. That said, I also have a goal to visit every continent once, so I've got a way to go still :)


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