Thursday, November 5

games, changes + fears

Despite the glorious weather that continues to insist that I live on a movie set where the sun always shines and the temps never stray from the 70s, this is a time of transition.

Seasons are shifting. Work life is the end of one year and the beginning of another. This week is a haze of naps, thinking I might clear up one of the piles of books or laundry that has been sitting untouched for days, I step over the pile and then take another nap.

Song that is on repeat is I TRY by Macy Gray.
(The link will give you her recorded version that I listen to but the ads you have to sit through first annoy me so I am also including her live version below because there is no ad between you and her and, because I love the rawness of a live performance).

On my desk are these words from Colleen:

Gosh, my space looks neat and tidy-- guess I better give you the long view:

Did I mention pile of books?  Why yes, I did. Rest assured - I will not subject you to my pile of laundry.

(As if, that that would SO be blogging 2002 . . . )

Instead I will tell you that I am moving slowly. I keep living for the day when I don't feel like my life is going through huge change, but that day has yet to show up.

Big change is afoot, yet again, and I'm just giving over to it -- change wants to come in?  AGAIN?

Fine - go ahead, c'mon in, make yourself at home - turn my life upside down - whatever. I'll be over here lolling on the sofa watching The Great British Bake-Off - I am so over you.

What I am loving are my days in the woods. Hand to god, it feels like I'm walking through a painting.

And, loving that as part of my Yoga Teacher Training I did a bunch of paintings.

Here's one (below).

In the Bhagavad Gita there is a passage where Krishna tell Arjuna "that one I love who is incapable of ill will, who is friendly and compassionate. Living beyond the reach of I and mine and of pleasure and pain, patient, contented, self-controlled, firm in faith, with all their heart and all their mind given to me - with such as these am I in love."

Hello, does that not read like a personal ad?  Yes. It TOTALLY does.

And so, for one of my final projects I did a painting and made that a listing from Krishna:

detail of "that one I love"

I had so much fun doing this. Not sure my yoga teacher appreciated my irreverence, but oh well. Got my certification all the same, boo-YAH!

bisous, Elizabeth


  1. OOO! Congratulations! Now your Zen as well as Wise...and that is only the beginning of the wonderfulness of you. I love the painting! It IS fun, and it sounds so playful. Play is something that I need more of! xo

    1. hello MEGSIE!!! we are together again-- and play is what we ALL need for sure. XOOX

  2. OH MY!!!! There is something on your wall in the 'messy' photo that just gave me the BIGGEST light bulb moment. Kisses and blessings and infinite gratitude to you beautiful friend. Happy days xxxoo

  3. Just catching up, another beautiful post. The lone golden leaf shot is fab, I love seeing the sun lit magical moments you find. Beautiful painting, with such rawness, It looks like it was fun to create and yes to being open to lots more play and fun in creativity x


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