Monday, November 23

in flight

photo from this morning

For the first time ever, I got up close to a blue heron. And then, it flew away.

Which is pretty much what is happening in this blog. I got in close and now I gotta fly.

There was time to write in the past weeks-- but this weekend things went a bit bonky and there simply wasn't a moment for me to sink in. Not an issue except I want to keep showing up, I want to fulfill this attempt to write every day of November.

It's just that some days? I can't do it all. Plus, I just dashed THIS out this morning.

So feeling a bit out of things to share unless of course you want to hear all about the laundry I'm about to run.
Scintillating. I know.

Tomorrow I hit the road to Philadelphia to hang with the fam for Thanksgiving. Dogs love a road trip, me-- not so much, but I am looking forward to stuff I just can't get up here real hoagies and soft pretzels among other things.

a demain, elizabeth


  1. Wow that looked like a magical moment with the heron. Wishing you a good trip and happy times with your family xoxo


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