Monday, November 9

november navel gazing

For me, the beauty of blogging in November is that it lines up perfectly with the one month of the year where things get quiet at Squam HQ.

If this eleventh month were a moment of time in my year, much like a minute in one day, it would definitely be l'heure bleue.* Night is not yet over, day has not yet begun.

Right now, I can't see one foot in front of me as I am wrapped in clouds of soft mist and dancing shadows.

Yes! I am writing to you directly from the belly of the beast.
Nothing here but mystery and confusion, in other words, navel gazing.

Doesn't this look like the tree's bellybutton? Hmm, maybe just me then.

Yesterday I went up to Gather Here which was awesome! Seriously - if you are in the Boston area, check out Virginia-- she's lucky I don't live nearby-- I would totally stalk her. She is the real deal.

Of course I have no photographs of how gorgeous Cambridge looked yesterday.

Of course I have only some peeling bark and dying leaves from our walk this morning. (If ever you imagine I might be one of those style blogs with actual carefully articulare candid photos, I promise to call your doctor and get your medications upped).

Then, last night I headed down to the BOOMBOX for some birthday karaoke to celebrate lady JEN CIPLET who can rock a microphone like nobody's business. It was FUN. Got to hang with Tara and meet some more of my local tribe that I have never met before so - BOOM. Good times.

Now. It's Monday and surely I should have showered by now?

bisous, elizabeth

*A colloquial French saying characterises the blue hour as a time of confusion and mystery, since it is impossible to determine whether it is really night or day.


  1. You are funny, I was totally entranced in your words then the belly button! Yes it does look like one and a stomach being exposed to the world, giving people a glimpse of its delicate, but strong insides, unraveling for those who wish to notice it.
    As to your photography maybe that's why it's so alluring, because it's not staged, just caught perfectly by your eye. The golden leaves are beautiful, maybe their finest hour or their final swan song! Happy Monday x

  2. Does November bring back the drowsy fabulist in you? xox

    1. yes! thanks to YOU<---!!! the drowsy fabulist is rising from her slumber . . . :)

  3. So many of the trees here turn yellow and orange and brown...I miss all the eye-popping red. Every once and a while there will be something and I can't take my eyes off it. Wish there were more! The belly button! Perfect! hahah!

    1. hello darling! yes-- I think I had a better shot of it so you could see how it REALLY did look like a belly button!! XOXO


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