Thursday, November 12

symbols, slugs + a F#*KING squirrel

Another book that I am deep into right now is Eastern Body, Western Mind. This morning I was digging into the section on the sixth chakra where we are reminded to notice any symbols recurring for us.

Um, hello. Are you serious.

The symbol that doesn't seem to want to quit me is in the photo above (taken on our walk this morning). If you check in with me on Instagram, you might remember this:

This 'wishbone' thing popped up when I was in class with Ekua in September. She had us doing an exercise that surface a symbol that was in our life right now. Mine was an actual wishbone which was so weird I kept putting it off to the side and then, eventually, made a painting that didn't use it at all.

The next day, Maryanne Moodie walked up to me and handed me a weaving she had made specially for me.

People, she handed me a freaking wishbone! I kid you not. You can take a look below.

And so now, I see it EVERYWHERE, but I don't know what it signifies or what it is trying to tell me.

Still, I will keep gathering them up as they appear because I am trusting that one day soon it will all be revealed to me.

I was even thinking it was just a woods / nature thing, but then, about two weeks ago I was walking down the sidewalk with the dogs and I came upon a slug. A slug.

I have never in my life - in my entire life - seen a slug on the sidewalk. Ever.

But there it was. Naked as a bluejay. Probably about 5 inches long. It had the prettiest brown markings all down its head and upper back. And on top of its head?  I don't want to gross you out in case you don't like slugs so here is a LINK to an image of it. Do you SEE what is on its head?

And so I communed with the slug. I wasn't sure about its properties as a spirit animal so looked it up on the internet and found, "the slug's appearance reminds us that we will soon recognize and realize the illumination that is always present within us."

via Pyreaus
hmmm, we'll see about that.

Right now, filed under NO FUN AT ALL is a squirrel under my bedroom floor.

Yes. GAH.

A window was open yesterday and it got in which I didn't know until about 1am when a strange scratching on the floor woke me up and I mumbled to Daisy to stop it only to find that both dogs were snoring soundly on the bed next to me.

Squirrel. Under the floorboards. What did I do?  Breathe. Did my Thich Nhat Hanh breathing which has an added bonus of putting you right to sleep.

Woke up and made prayers that it finds its way out of the house and back to the woods.  Oh dear, god, please let it find its way out of my house. Not really keen on calling the wildlife specialists.

And, that's all the news from Lake Wobegone this morning.

bisous, Elizabeth


  1. So sorry about the squirrel. I do hope it finds its way out soon. Squirrels in the house can be a bit scary.
    I must comment on your slug sighting and your subsequent internet info. Slugs make their appearance very frequently by our front door.
    We always walk around them and oddly enough I am glad to see them (although many people aren't and not so nice things to them because they attack their gardens). The slugs never seem to find their way into my garden and do seem to be right there on my front path. I guess there is a message there. I do hope that I will soon "recognize and realize the illumination that is within me." Such an incredible message for me at this time in my life...... and the slugs...... well they must know something I don't - at least not yet.

    1. YES YES YES "recognize and realize the illumination that is within me." that is IT. Exactly what I focused on, too XO

  2. Well, I can't really comment on slug symbolism, but I can shed some light on the wishbone thing. From everything I've read and studied, it often represents a fork in the road. For me, this usually is the universe's way of saying "you're gonna have to make a decision eventually, ya know..." Is there maybe some sort of decision you've been trying to make and on the fence about?

    Other possibilities: good luck on it's way, balance/a need for balance.

    Hope that helps out :)

    1. yeah, I think you are right-- definitely hitting a fork in the road ... gah

  3. And you Elizabeth - that slug was in the right place because there is an incredible light within you that glows outwardly.

    1. ohhhh!!! you make me feel so LOVED and I love it!! thank you! XOXO

  4. well, as for me, I'm on to that squirrel -- you did mention something about tying one on your head just yesterday, didn't you? it's just the universe obliging you, ma'am.

    1. OMG!! Patricia you are right! I did conjure it up in my last post-- damn damn damn-- gotta go undo. :)

  5. Oh what a combo wishbones, slugs and a hiding squirrel! I hope the squirrel has by now departed.
    I will look at slugs differently after your description and the animal guide description is good, with lots of positive qualities I admire.
    I think again it's definatly a living in the moment thing, being reminded by this tiny creature to be present and from now on the slug will be seen in a positive light and remind us of our inner illuminations.
    Good luck with the wishbone quest and the wishbone weaving is simply beautiful xo

  6. I emphasized with your squirrel issue, Elizabeth! When I was teaching I arrived one morning to find my classroom door ajar (it opened to the outdoors) and my room in disarray. At first I thought the boarding students were the culprit but when it happened again (and I knew the door had been closed and locked) I began to suspect a four legged culprit. Sure enough, as I began to look around I discovered a mama skunk and her babies had built themselves a cozy abide in my shelves! Needless to say we did NOT use my classroom that day! Luckily, the maintenance men were able to lure the family out that evening!

    1. OMG!!! a mama skunk and BABIES-- wowza-- that is a story for the history books!! OXOX


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