Thursday, November 19


Montreal, 2009

I just read Jeanine's post where she chats with her darling baby girl Wren, and could not help but to reflect on how freaking fast time flies and what surprises life holds for us when we least expect it.

Et voila, throwback thursday!

Wild, isn't it? How small decisions, impulsive road trips and the connections we make on the internet have affected all of us, me most particularly.

Case in point:  December 2009 when Christine Chitnis and I spontanteously decided to make a road trip to Montreal to see Jeanine.

You can get a glimpse

Arriving at Mile End

Laughing til my stomach ached

green walls, blue phone

wow, I totally forgot about the passport story

Montreal, 2009

*shaking my head in wonder*

What if we hadn't gone?  I have always said, the power of three women gathering cannot be underestimated.
Some things I see from where I sit today:

Life changing.

painting is titled: crawling into the unknown 

bisous, elizabeth


  1. Holy smokes. Time. I have no concept of it unless I'm under a deadline or looking back like you are here in this post. It's a reminder to truly savor each moment. And also, damn ... that looked like a good time! xo

    1. it WAS a great time-- and yes, we need to see how important each moment is in all we do-- it adds up and helps us change our course, etc. XOXOOX

  2. Oh Dear!! Your blog post got my two cents for life! I saved this and many other in my "Inspiration and Life" folder on bloglovin. I am currently rebuilding my whole life after the separation. Trying to make friends and get my child growing on a secure and well pathway, but isn't easy at all. I am doing my best and the comfort of a good blog reading early in the morning is just like a gentle breeze to snuggle in. Bisous to you too.

    1. Giusy !!!!!! oh honey, you are doing great. You are doing SUCH an amazing job living through these changes. Be SO proud of you. FEEL deeply proud of you. Your son is so proud of you. And I love that you are making friends and finding support. I am so glad my little post helped add something good to your day. Have a wonderful weekend-- xoxoxoox, e

  3. Oh wow, so many great links to read! Keeping me here way too long!! Sounds like great times with special friends.
    The beauty of good friendships certainly enrich our lives, through the good times and the bumps. Thank you for introducing Jeanines blog, what great adventures she lives and describes.
    Happy Friday xoxo

  4. I REMEMBER! Was it that long ago? It doesn't seem like it. Time--it does fly.


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