Sunday, November 8

this morning, my toaster died

Do you have odd relationships with your appliances? I am probably the world's worst consumer. Any solid appliance I have came into my life either through the blessings of good fortune or pure sheer luck.

When my marriage ended and I moved out to the farm, I had a clear vision of how I wanted my life to be: spare, minimal, my interpretation of a zen retreat. Part of that image meant I took as few objects with me along the lines of one bowl, one plate, one fork-- not that severe of course, I am nothing if not dramatic -- but really pared down.

The house we had built was entirely solar powered - so things like toasters, blow dryers etc were not used. When I moved to the farm I was like, TOAST made in a TOASTER! But I still didn't want to invest in anything serious so I went to the local hardware store and bought their $10 toaster.

My thought was maybe it would last the year, completely prepared that it might not.

Surprise. It just died this morning and that is . .  5 years, 5 months. I'm thinking those 10 dollars amortized well. Plus-- whoa. I am scribbing to you here while I scarf down some toast (grilled under the broiler) and coffee -- which is to say-- total stream of conscious -- and had no idea of the double fives that were about to pop up. No idea.

And, as most of you know, five = change. At least that is what it has always meant to me. "Number 5 symbolizes the need for change or coming changes, usually in a positive form of transformation," so says the internet.

The only reason I know this is in numerology, my life number is 5.

But I digress.

The toaster. I knew it was on its last legs. I knew that I had settled into a new home where I might actually take some time to research reviews and purchase a more stable, better designed unit. And yet, did nothing.

Change has come whether I am ready or not.

In this moment I must sign off as I have to wash my face and head to Cambridge. Virginia of Gather Here has a sewing workshop for our beautiful West Water Tunic-- so off I go. Am super excited.

And? loving that so many of you want to jump into the spontaneous book club that just formed out of the ether yesterday.

Damn, this blogging daily thing is full of surprises.

bisous, elizabeth


  1. oooh my goodness, you're back! And I see you've been back for a few days :-) This makes me so very happy. I can't wait to return to these pages tonight in my quiet hours to read and savour and comment. Mmmwah! xo

    1. LOVE that we can connect here -- makes me SO happy!!

  2. Wow! Elizabeth, your natural way of storytelling is fantastic! Love the post, love the photos and the book club idea!! Going to check where and when it starts! Xoxo Giusy

    1. fabulous Giusy!! I will be sending out an email today with all the details . . .:)

  3. Ha, so the toaster gives us a life lesson! Oh how we can be lulled into a life of false security, yes acceptance of change Is another key to inner happiness, although much easier said than practiced!
    The photo of the branch and leaves is truly stunning x

  4. random thoughts... to toast: to apply heat to something; shakti: the awakening of spiritual fire...seems you are onto something hot here Elizabeth!


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