Thursday, December 3

and that's what they don't see

Hard to imagine this is my theme song right now, but it is. Is it just me or are the planets slamming into each other right now? I feel like I am caught in a patch of bramble where to even move to get free will rip my clothes and claw my skin. 

You know, energetically speaking. 

And so, bring it Taylor. Something about this is healing to me-- shake it off. Cause what else can we do but keep showing up?

But I keep cruising 
Can't stop, won't stop grooving 
It's like I got this music 
In my mind 
Saying, "It's gonna be alright."

bisous, Elizabeth


  1. SMOOCHes to you and showing up and it IS going to be alright!

    P.S. wanna Skype sometime?? xoxo

  2. Let it go.
    Shake it off.
    Thanks for the reminder. I needed this today.
    PS. Have you heard the Ryan Adams cover?

  3. LOL! Oh E, this has been my theme song (truly) for the last year. At one point I think I listened to it over and over for about an hour straight. Seriously! Just gotta soak up the message some days! For every "hater" there's a "lover." Hang in there! ;)

    1. yeppp gotta focus on all the makers, lovers, and all the helpful ones!!! XOXOX

  4. Taylor Swift permeates throughout my life. I have two girls: 12 & 14. So. I love this song though. I have been listening to Bob Marley: Three Little Birds. Same theme, but reggae. Here is the link:

    Sending you hugs and love and all of that! Hang in there, and Shake it off! Shake it off! Ya ya ya!

  5. HA! i love that song (am learning to play it on uke) and coincidentally just watched the video for the first time two nights ago! and thought it was fantastic. it is a message we can always stand to remind ourselves of! i also love the Walk Off The Earth version:

    1. UKE !!!! I want to hear you play it-- do a youtube PLEASE!!!!

  6. A good reminder! I've always admired Taylor Swift because she built and is in control of her entire success. A strong woman at such a young age is a good inspiration for everyone. Recently I've been looping Caravan Palace and love the get up and go vibe. . .. the comment section is turning out to be a linkage bonanza!


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