Tuesday, September 6

re-entry :: reboot :: remember

Bonjour Mindy,*

It's Tuesday morning. Soft, gray and rainy. An absolute novelty for me as the past 30 days have been nothing but full-on sunshine both in the South of France and Paris. The one day I experienced even the littlest hint of overcast was the morning I left France, but even that was tinged with blue sky.

It was an extraordinary month. Epic. A life event to be sure.

I am still processing and integrating not least because I went straight into a wild river of experience that was Into the Mystic directly after it. 

All I can do is RIDE all of it and that is precisely what I did and wow--- being present moment-to-moment, fully present, is really a great way to go. There were two moments in the month where my system went on sensory overload and I had to retreat into a hot bath, but given what an isolated, regulated nunk life I lead (nun/monk = nunk) I am kind of amazed that I stayed so loose and present through all that August was.

I was high on life and it felt amazing.

Today, I am back on Squam HQ schedule and have our weekly 10 am meeting to show up for -- so this is gonna be just a few snapshots to share-- 

First, above on the right is a shot I took specifically for YOU. Yes, I was in the bathroom of a great cafe and the doors had every slang name for female on one door and every slang name for male on the other.

I am just realizing in this moment I didn't even think to photograph the boys' door. Hmm. Odd. But I didn't. Oh well. What I did think was, "oh Mindy would LOVE this." And so, here you go-- my postcard from Paris to you:  nana, gonzesse, minette, gazelle, meuf, poulette, blonde, poupee, belette."

Why does everything sound better in French?  I swear I could line those up and make an easy poem out of them.

My niece Kate and I met up at the airport and then headed to our hotel room for the one day/night we were in Paris before we grabbed the train at Gare de Lyon to head south to Provence where we would be spending the week.

We had never been to Paris together before so it was beyond fun to show each other our favorite spots, our favorite walks-- once in a lifetime. And I savored every breath of it.

Then, the next morning-- after heading over to Republique (which was her old neighborhood) for a fabulous breakfast -- we caught the train and headed south.

more soonest, Elizabeth

*This month -- 30 days -- I am writing a letter to my dear friend Mindy because I happened on Mindy's post where she honored me to my core -- sharing that she reads my blog (my long, long neglected blog) and it inspired me to promise that for one full month -- 30 days of September-- I would write her a letter each, and every day. Let's see how I do . . . :) 


  1. I am really enjoying your letters - and these photos are delicious. Nunk? Brilliant! xoL

  2. How fun to see you and Kate on a new adventure! Your Paris holiday seemed like a dream (loved all the grams, especially Spikey the car ;) And girl, I have no idea how you sailed through all the travel and work with such grace, other than knowing that you're truly riding a serious cosmic jam. Your vibe is like butter.

    p.s. I must know the translation of each of these words!!! this photo makes my heart sing!!!

    1. yes! Spiky! we will be meeting him later in the week!

  3. I have never been to Paris. Or Europe. It is wonderful seeing it briefly through your eyes. What a blessing for you to be there with your niece! I am also loving the term "nunk" --perfect!


    1. wha-wha!!? Girl-- get on a plane, stat. There's some good things waiting for you :)


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