Saturday, September 10

squam time

Good morning Mindy,*

Isn't it funny how things show up? Your random decision to mention that you find good mojo reading my blog put some excellent, dry kindling on those dying embers. All I want to do is write to you, write in my journal, read and paint. That is precisely what I want to do 24/7 right now.

And yet, that's simply not what's on the docket.

Paris tales to be continued . . .
We all have our commitments, our responsibilities, the tugs and tethers of life that pull us away from what we want to do most. Well, maybe that's not true for everyone but for so many of us, I know that it is. It is a big part of what I hope Squam brings to the world. A chance to have every single obligation and commitment drop off so that you can sink into your skin, sink into your beingness and do whatever you are called to do for a full stretch of time.

Speaking of Squam-- yes, it is that time. Tomorrow, Forrest and I load the cars and head north. My darling friend Camille is going to stay here and look after the dogs for me.

For the past two years, YOU have been up at the lake to greet us when we arrive and we are going to be missing you so very much. Your loose, easy energy. Your brilliant, creative decorating mojo. Your LAUGH.  Gonna really miss your laugh at night when we sit on the porch and wind down from the day. At least I get to see you on Saturday at the fair -- that's a win for sure.

Meantime, I've been thinking about what you wrote that day on facebook and how since I began dashing off these notes to you-- how not really blogging it has been for me. It feels more like trying to catch up on all the happenings that we haven't had time to chat about. And for me, blogging was never really what did I have for lunch today kind of sharing.

For me, blogging -- and the blogs I enjoyed reading (dead dinosaurs all, now) were exploring how to be in the world-- exploring where they were in the world, and figuring out how to find more ease in their day.

a glimpse of a normal morning when I am in the routine that I love most
It might be a while before I post here again as the lake doesn't have the most reliable wifi and you know too well, once you are up there, you drop into 'lake time' and the real world melts away.  So I thought to share a few of the posts I feel said something that still rings true for me.

I'd really love to know (cause I am super curious) what posts connected most with you. And, I ask that of anyone else tuning in-- especially MEGSIE!!<--!  If you wanted to tell me which ones spoke to you, I'd be so interested to know.

For me-- these are the ones that I am glad to be able to return to:

Love is LOVE

Into the Day

if you do not love yourself, you are in kind of a bind

it is this day

bisous, Elizabeth

*This month -- 30 days -- I am writing a letter to my dear friend Mindy because I happened on Mindy's post where she honored me to my core -- sharing that she reads my blog (my long, long neglected blog) and it inspired me to promise that for one full month -- 30 days of September-- I would write her a letter each, and every day. Let's see how I do . . . :) 



    By the way, I have loved your letters this month. Traveling with you seeing the beauty in the world. I am also SO damn happy that there was some kindling that worked before the embers died. You have such a gift in writing. It is a gift for me to read! I will be back...I need to make some choices for my homework, but first I have to get through some reflection papers. ACK.

  2. Happened to pop into your blog yesterday and discovered much synchronicity in some of your latest posts. I too, recently resurrected my blog when my mother died late July. I'm thinking maybe she's been my muse all along.
    Like your parents, mine would have celebrated 60 years marriage in a few months, and while my mother only hit age 77 in this lifetime, next month my dad will be 80, so I'm happy for that. Here's to you, your parents, and your blog, too. XO

    1. ohhh. I am so sorry to hear you lost your mother-- there really is no way to prepare for that life event and it can take so much time to begin processing it . . . LOVE that she was/is your muse! what a beautiful gift!! XOXO

  3. I love that these notes have brought a bit of juju for you! if you only knew the kind of wild magic I've been feeling coming here as a soft place to land. total sweetness, this connection. I think that's what blogging has always been for me... a way to feel connected to someone else and be inspired by their life in these beautiful bite sized snippets. the part that always draws me in is being invited to see the evolution in process - the messy, heartfelt desire in action, and is what makes this space so extraordinary. so much change and transformation and light over the years! being able to witness someone else's life like that is extraordinary, and the way you share it all so gorgeously - even your photography has evolved! my favorite ones, hmm.... there are many, and I will trace back! I can tell you the trips to Mexico I always got all moony over, and of course the early years of watching you bring Squam to life! but I think it's the WAY you share that is so compelling. you have a voice that speaks with a certain clarity and velocity... ha, i loved when you would say, "I've only got 10 minutes to write..." and then you'd Shazam an awesome post. they always made me believe in all the dreams. they still do. what greater magic is there? off to take a deeper look back.....

  4. I discovered your blog only after discovering your magical podcast! When I have a few quiet minutes in the morning or the evening I like to pop into your blog and read some of the older posts. There is so much magic, wisdom and love in your writing. Here is one post that I bookmarked and reread frequently - I'm looking forward to signing up for Magic of Myth II...


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e