Wednesday, August 9

why it matters

sitting on top of a pile of the sweetest notes and cards
 is the hand-stitched pillow Karen Stevens made for me
If ever you think it doesn't make a difference whether you offer a gentle word of condolence to someone suffering loss, please know it makes all the difference. You may think 'oh, there's nothing I can do-- my saying sorry can't help much' but I am here to tell you--- when the community around you fills your mailbox and home with cards, care packages, bouquets of flowers and your social media overflows with words of comfort, kindness, love and affection-- the cumulative power of each individual touch on the arm is enormous.

I have read and taken into my heart each and every comment that has been left for me on Instagram and Facebook. The energy of love compassion and understanding supported me so deeply. I don't have the means to reach out to each of you to say thank you-- so please know-- I am so very grateful for this extraordinary community that I belong to.

I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of -- and connected to--
such caring, loving souls. THANK YOU.

We should all leave this world wrapped in love and comfort as Daisy did. She left this world like an Egyptian princess--- our vet came to the house and I got to hold her right in her favorite spot on the living room floor.

Oliver was right by her side, giving her the occasional lick to the nose. She was wrapped in the softest blankets, favorite toys and treats tucked around her -- with rose buds and daisies sprinkled over top.

We buried Daisy in the backyard under the two giant maple trees where I can see her from my kitchen window and, each morning Ollie and I go out and sit with her while I drink my coffee.

Several of you have asked how Ollie is doing and the update is: he's hanging in there. Daisy was 11. Oliver is 15. I don't know how much time I have left with him so we are keeping close. He has gotten a little bit cling-y and his spirit is definitely sad. We have spent a lot of time with other people in the past two weeks so he has gotten lots of attention, but I think he feels her absence pretty strongly.

Most likely because I have yet to launder all the dog beds etc which surely still have her scent on them-- but it has been super busy around here and I am trying to keep myself grounded and centered.

What I can tell you is that life is beautiful. That joy and sorrow is just one endless loop. That the key is to be in this moment, this one here-- as fully as you possibly can-- so that you can ride the wave through all the ups and downs --- squeezing out every bit of the experience until it lands you on the beach, safe, exhilarated, exhausted, wiped out and flat on your back, gazing up at the sky -- the wide blue expanse not nearly big enough to hold all the gratitude in your heart.

bisous, Elizabeth


  1. Every single time I have lost a dog, I have lost a witness to my life. A fount of unconditional love...I strive to be more like my dog every day.

  2. Heartbreaking and life-affirming all at once. Love hugs to you and extra ear scritches to Ollie!

  3. May she travel well, your beloved girl. Still wrapping you in so much love. xo B

  4. Such a beautiful tribute to your beloved girl. Sending you love and a hug from both Popeye (my sweet terrier) and me. Xo

  5. I am so very sorry Elizabeth. You have been in my thoughts so much since I read the news. I know so well how you are feeling and my heart aches for you.

  6. Sweet Elizabeth...thank you for this post. Of course Daisy had such a beautiful, gentle crossing because, well...she was your soul friend, part of your life, and that is how you are...kind and loving. Still sending you, Daisy, and Ollie love and prayers.

  7. Thank you for your beautiful post and for so generously sharing your live, art, and family with your readers. I'm so sorry for your losses and am sending warm thoughts to you.

  8. Oh you ... I had been missing your blog posts so badly for so long. Missing your 'voice' and your wise ways but I understood your need to fall silent. However, today I decided to come over anyway, to reread old posts of yours ... from my new home (one year now) in Genoa, Italy, and I find this.
    Tears for Daisy, and for you, and Oliver too. I'm glad you made it gentle and beautiful for her.
    Take care, my lovely far-away friend, who means so much more than you could ever imagine.
    Love, Di xx


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